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  1. Thank you. And no, it was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be, I had a laid back flight examiner which made me feel a lot less stressed.
  2. I Passed! Just got back from the checkride. It feel awesome, a mix between relief and excitement. Thanks for all the advice as it helped greatly. Now off to celebrate.
  3. The checkride is on Wednesday. I flew today and my hovering autos were good, I am feeling a lot more confident now. I will let you know if I pass Wednesday after the checkride. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Josh
  4. The checkride is rescheduled for Wednesday. I will be flying Monday Tuesday and Wednesday before the checkride. Thanks for the advice on them everyone. kodoz that was my problem, when I just smoothly rolled off the throttle instead of chopping it I started doing them alot better. I will let you guys know how it goes.
  5. Well I got back from flying today and we are postponing the check-ride for another week. I was having trouble with hovering autos, a little frustrated but eager to get them right. -Josh
  6. Finally! It has been a little over a year sense I started my pay as you go flight training and it has been an amazing experience. I have my checkride scheduled for Thursday December 1 at 12:00pm. I will be flying today, and tomorrow before the checkride to make sure I am hitting everything just right. Any advice greatly appreciated. -Josh
  7. You may want to check out "Take on Helicopters" it has just been released a few days ago, the previews look very interesting and the graphics are awesome. I myself have no experience with the game but it looks like a winner.
  8. Would you have to get a splitter cord of some sort? where you plug it into the IC box then plug your headphones into one of the cords and then plug the other one into the Gopro...
  9. That looks awesome! I have been interested in Gopro for a while, but I also wanted to be able to record ATC transmissions etc now it's a possibility. Thanks for sharing. The only bad thing is the price tag but you got to give and take I guess.
  10. Hello everyone, For anyone interested I have gotten all my requirements done for my PPL(H) today, with my last solo cross country. I aced my written test and now it is just fine tuning and getting prepared for my check-ride. The end of this next month will mark a year from when I started training and boy has it been (and still will be) a blast! I will keep everyone updated. Thanks for your time. -Josh
  11. Success, I had my solo cross country on Friday and it went great! I learned the hard way on some of the checkpoints I picked. I couldn't find a few of them, between that and messing up one radio transmission to a neighboring airports airspace I was flying through everything went good. I knew where I was most the time on the sectional and occasionally looked on the GPS to confirm I was on the right track. Thanks for the input as it helped me greatly. On a side note, Does anyone on VR fly in Michigan? just wondering if I am the only one up here
  12. I downloaded Google earth and it is very nice although I am still trying to figure out a few things. I also downloaded the sectional chart overlay for it to...It's kick a$$! And Spike are you saying for every checkpoint have 3 visual ques? As in your using a highway for a checkpoint, so you then have a VOR on the right, tower on left, and a race track a mile in front. Is that a good example or am I off? I am just trying to clear things up. I have it scheduled for this Friday (weather permitting) should be a great time. -Josh
  13. Rick that is exactly what I don't want to happen with me, I would like to learn the hard dead reckoning way first then get to comfortable with GPS (even though GPS is awesome ), then I will always have something to go back on if the time ever comes. If there is any good books about this that you guys have read I am all ears. -Josh
  14. Thank you all for the awesome advice! I will definitely be making some changes to my flight plan.
  15. Sorry you already answered my post I was typing before I could see your post
  16. Thanks for all the replies, unfortunately the heli I fly doesn't have a vor, and have no simulator to try it out. I have flown the coarse before with my CFI for the duel cross country, I just would like to be more prepared this time. We do have a GPS in the heli but I would like to learn the good ole fashin way and have the GPS more of a back up just in case anything happens. on another not lets say you get of course by a decent amount and you have no GPS or VOR, would you just fly to the nearest city/landmark and go from there with the sectional, turn around and try to get back on course, or
  17. Hello everyone, I am going to go on my solo cross country (if the weather ever clears up ) any advice greatly appreciated. -Josh
  18. If you don't mind, what questions did they ask you when you had your interview?
  19. When the time comes when I go in front of the board what are the best ways to prepare for this? Are there generic questions they usually will ask everyone or does it change from person to person depending on your application. I have read that they may ask you to "tell them about yourself", if so what information are they looking for? what sports you were involved in, school, flying time etc? Any help is greatly appreciated. -Josh
  20. Thanks for clearing that up for me. The APFT got rescheduled for for Tuesday, but that just means I have another few days to work out.
  21. Hello everyone, I have been reading all of these post for the past couple of months and have got a lot of very good information on here, I thank everyone who puts time in to help the newbies like myself get information. I am in the process of getting my WOFT packet together and would like to let everyone know where I stand. I graduated early from high school in February 2010 to make a trip down to fort Benning Georgia (where my brother is stationed), then to fort Rucker Alabama to have a interview with a CW5 I was in contact with via the phone ( thanks to my brother). He agreed to write me
  22. I had my first Solo on 06/29/2011 I will never forget that awesome day! A week prior to all this I had to take two test that my school issued before I soloed. Aced the first one and 98 percent on my second one, since I am a part time student and for obvious reasons I am attending a Part 61 flight school, called Magnum helicopters located in Waterford, MI, they fly out of Pontiac international airport (PTK or KPTK to be exact, Aka my Username )I am a pay as you go student so I get bummed sometimes when I cant fly more often, Witch I know is the best route but you got to start somewhere.
  23. Thank you I will be making sure my recruiters don't try to give me the run around. I Got to fly about 15 Miles off airport to another airport today first with my instructor, then I flew back dropped him off and did it solo it was awesome! thanks for the advice. Josh
  24. I am new to this forum and there is a awesome amount of information and experience on here! Now to introduce myself. I am 19 years old, began going to Flight school in September of last year, I'm training in the usual R22, and have been doing around 1 lesson per week, it is going great! I soloed at about 21 hours around A week ago and now have 2 hours of solo time and around 24 hours of total flight time. My first solo was exhilarating my instructor and I did 3 traffic patterns 1 of them being a auto then he got out and I got to do 3 circuits then hover taxi from the runway to the ramp. Best e
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