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  1. I got my confirmation email yesterday. Unfortunately It looks like ill be the only VR member attending the December course.
  2. I just sent in my application for the December 16-19 course. Is anyone else going to be attending the December course?
  3. 25 miles NorthWest of Detroit. Go Wings!
  4. It just seems to me that if you run out of left peddle, and you are still spinning, you are in LTE. And if the pilots aren't breaking any limitations of the helicopter, shouldn't they be able to fly Hot/High/Heavy and have enough tail rotor power? And if they do run out of left peddle, and are still spinning, I don't see how you can say that it is not in LTE.
  5. Holy Crap! VR kicks some ass! Congrats to everyone that got selected, it is well earned!
  6. From what I understand a passenger "bumped" the cyclic, which then caused the helicopter to nose forward. The pilot then regained control and thanked God!
  7. I agree. However, if any waiver is granted the USAREC board will not see it, so it will not effect their decision at all. But the battalion board interview is a different story.
  8. Really? They wont even let you submit a waiver? Or they let you submit a waiver but its more than likely gonna get denied?
  9. I have family members in the military. Falsely saying you served in the military just pisses me off...
  10. What exactly did he do? It just says "prepare false evidence".
  11. Ok... you can take shots at me all you like. I have openly said I am a "wanna be Army pilot" with a PPL(H), and all of this is my opinion. I understand you and many others on this forum have WAY more experience than myself and I respect that. I have never flown in a V-22, and know little about it. That is why I was referring to my brother and his friends who DO have experience flying in it. They are talking about when it lands in "helicopter mode" because the stuff they do usually doesn't give them the luxury of landing in airplane mode on a runway... And unless my brother and his friends ha
  12. I understand that... my point was that in Vietnam there were more deaths from helicopters, not because the Huey was a unreliable platform, but because using helicopters was new to warfare, and also the type of war we were fighting. The V-22 has not been in combat long enough to properly compare it to the CH-53. I mean it's obvious that more soldiers have died in the CH-53 than the V-22, like others have mentioned the CH-53 has seen a ton more combat time than the V-22 so that would be "expected"(for lack of a better phrase). I would also factor in what type of mission the V-22 performs v
  13. If your really going to look at which aircraft is has the "safest" track record I don't believe you should be looking at how many soldiers/pilots died in it throughout it's whole history. 1. You have to look at deaths directly caused by aircraft malfunctions. Not how many times it got shot down etc. Because each war has different challenges/causes for why more/less aircraft are shot down. 2. And the time frame when the aircraft was developed has to be factored in. Aircraft created the earliest in history in theory should have the most problems than later aircraft developments. I have n
  14. You are legally allowed to say "No" to those questions if your record is expunged. Civilian employers will NEVER see expunged charges. However, if you are applying for the military or a government job you have to tell them about it.
  15. Check any of these guys out. http://www.upperlimitaviation.edu http://alabamahelicopters.weebly.com/flights.html
  16. Ok I am not a career pilot but here are my thoughts. 1. Don't worry about the speeding/traffic tickets. An employer wont give a rats A** about those as long as you don't have a bunch of them in a short amount of time. 2. Why didn't you get probation for the DUI, and have it expunged off your record? Did you mess up probation, or was this your second offense and you really have another MIP or DUI charge that is expunged? 3. These things obviously don't help you, but I wouldn't let that stop you from pursuing your dream! Use all of the replies that say your not going to get a job as motiva
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