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  1. Just so everyone knows this is only for ACTIVE duty applicants, not civilian.
  2. That is true. However, the results will still show your score, so that may vary well swing the board members to select/deny the applicant based on their score.
  3. Warrant Officer Application Checklist All documents should be single-sided copies and in the following order: Name: ________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Board Packet (These copies should be clean and neat in appearance–they will make up your board packet being reviewed for your selection): ___ DA Form 61 (with valid HT/WT and APFT statement, signed as sho
  4. That is absolutely not true. It is definitely one of the documents that goes in front of the USAREC board.
  5. This thread is quite sad, people get so upset when you say you are a Christian now days. They point to all your "flaws" and say "your not a good Christian" etc. A Christian is just as susceptible to sinning as any other human being, it's just Christians are suppose to realize what they did was wrong and repent. America has become a nation where everyone has to be "politically correct", and that is what is destroying this once great country. People have trouble facing the fact that America was formed on Christianity, the founders never said you had to believe in Christianity, but that is what A
  6. Having a ppl will not hurt your chances of selection! It shows motivation and dedication. All of which the Army likes.
  7. I didn't mean to come off as I did either. I was in a rush at the time I posted it and didn't proof read it. I totally agree with you though, I don't want to give a new applicant the impression that those are the only things that matter, because that would be wrong. Thank you clearing up some things that I didn't explain properly.
  8. I knew I forgot one, LOR's is a huge selection factor. I understand what you are saying, it is impossible to know exactly how they choose applicants, I was simply offering some of the big deciding factors that I have seen repeated over the years that I have been following WOFT selection boards.
  9. Correction. It's not one of the MAIN factors that goes into their decision. But if 2 applicants are close with the same stats except one has a pilot license who do you think they are going to pick? I would say the main factors are SIFT, College and APFT. I may be a little off but this is the trend I have seen.
  10. Would you mind giving us your "take" on the test. A basic overview of sections and types of questions. What was the hardest/easiest section for you etc? If you took the AFAST comparing it to that would be great! And a 63 isn't bad at all, it will be interesting to see what the average score ends up being. Congrats on the great score!
  11. Please don't call the gun you ordered an assault rifle, because it,s not one unless its select fire. Which I know you know. The gun grabbers love when one of "our own" use the term assault anything. Not trying to be a jerk, just in times like this we have to carful of how we talk about guns.
  12. No need to get so frustrated everyone. I will say I agree with velocity somewhat. Soldiers are regular people, that does not mean they are not capable of enforcing something like marshal law though. German soldiers during WWII said they knew what was doing was wrong but "it was orders". I'm not saying this will happen in America but don't throw out the possibility. If they were to say your family won't be harmed etc then even more soldiers might agree to enforce it. History does repeat itself and Ignorance is bliss.
  13. I will say one thing. John Noveske, Keith Ratliff, and now Chris Kyle have all died in that past month. two were shot and one died in a mysterious car crash. All of these men were big names supporting the 2nd Amendment. Now this is "fishy". A Ex Navy Seal gets shot along with one other at a shooting range for no reason, I call BS.
  14. I believe they edit out the "pole" it's mounted to, thats my guess.
  15. Q-S = Qualified and Selected FQ-NS = Fully Qualified, Not Selected NS-NC = Not Selected, Not Qualified (This usually happens if you are not selected two boards in a row)
  16. It's getting hard to follow these boards because of jealousy . You all deserved it, great job everyone!
  17. I was talking more about the "possibility" of another war that would put WOFT in full throttle. Hopefully i'm wrong.
  18. "Certain circumstances" may change that in the next 1-1.5 years. So they may just be preparing.
  19. I have heard it can take up to a week for active duty board results to be released.
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