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  1. I had the same problem when I was trying to get my physical approved. You HAVE to bug your recruiters, call them everyday asking for any updates. Be polite but don't worry about "annoying" the recruiter, this is his job! Second this is YOUR packet so do whatever you can do to get things moving, I would call the armory and get ahold of the person in charge of sending your flight physical to Rucker. Again be polite but don't worry about "annoying" them. They should have sent your flight physical to Rucker 1-5 days after you took it, so if it's still sitting there they are not doing there job cor
  2. Yea I thought that was ridiculous. The FAA did tell him he didn't have to land, but he did anyway just to get everything cleared up (He was probably pissed when they decided to arrest him)
  3. There you go Lindsey! That should be all the motivation you need to get your packet in!
  4. How long did the test take? How many sections were there? What were the section titles? Was there a personality test, if so was it the same as the AFAST one? What were the differences between the AFAST and SIFT? (assuming you took the AFAST) How in depth were the helicopter questions?
  5. Do not I repeat do not give up on the WOFT packet, you would regret that the rest of your life! You are close so just hang with it. The worst thing they can say to you is "No", trust me I been there twice, so you might as well at least try! I am as anxious as you about the SIFT, hopefully we will here something about it soon. Would the next board be in March after the January one of coarse? Any one that is on the January board good luck! Be sure to let us know the results as soon as you find them out.
  6. Any new news on the SIFT, anyone scheduled to take it or has taken it? If so how are/did you prepare? Whenever someone takes the SIFT test be sure to leave a detailed analysis of the test on this board, I would bet some people would even pay for that analysis! Anyway good luck to any one taking it soon!
  7. Looks like loss of power. "The pilot reported low RPM horn and light were on" but where I got this was not a reliable source.
  8. I agree, I was just offering a suggestion to what he stated, it is up to you to chose what you think is right. It doesn't bother me one bit what others chose to believe. I have friends that are Christian, Atheist and some that study Buddhism. I enjoy learning about all point of views before I jump to conclusions. Again this is a helicopter forum and I stated before I will not offer my opinion about religion again on this public forum, so I will leave it up to you to answer your own questions. If you really want to know my "point of view" on those questions feel free to PM me. And again avbug h
  9. Have to love some"Holiday" spirit ^. I respect you avbug, but I don't get why you try to start arguments. Anyways Merry Christmas to everyone, enjoy this time with your families!
  10. You will here the day after. If you don't it's your Recruiter or Battalion being lazy.
  11. We are born with moral codes because we are children of God. Even if you don't believe in him during your life time you will still have the moral codes the Bible talks about. And I agree this is a helicopter forum, and I will say nothing further about religion. This is a free country and it's all of your rights to believe in what you want to.
  12. avbug What do you think about Letters of Recommendation?
  13. There is a difference though, if you move somewhere to train to become a pilot you are PAYING money, while if you get a job offer and move across the country you are MAKING money. Big big difference.
  14. I'm not trying to start anything but doesn't your altimeter read in pressure altitude once set? Which then translates into MSL?
  15. It's not MSL because you can be at 2,000 feet MSL and still be at sea level Density Altitude. I believe it's pressure altitude.
  16. +2 on a non aviation related degree and not taking out a loan! I am currently pursing a degree in Homeland Security while flying as much as possible with the money I have to spare. Is it the best situation? NO, but I have 0 debt and 4 years from now I will be thanking myself! Also if you haven't looked into it I would check out the WOFT Army helicopter program. If the Army is not for you take the advice posted above!
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