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  1. On Hulu you can find a show called "Ultimate Factories". One of the episodes goes inside the AH-64 Apache helicopter factory and you get to see how they are made, pretty cool episode.
  2. Never mind my last post. It isn't ran off the transmission.
  3. Which is ran by the transmission. So if you lose your engine the transmission will keep Hydraulic pressure.
  4. It runs off the transmission, so you will still have hydraulic pressure if the engine quits.
  5. He means 95th percentile, so in other words really good. probably around a 125-140 GT score i'm guessing.
  6. Would you mind posting your experience in the pinned "Battalion Board Interview" thread. And congrats on getting recommended!
  7. Interesting article about NASA testing rotorcraft technology for space landing. It is still at a very early phase of testing. http://www.aopa.org/....html?CMP=ADV:1
  8. I have at multiple times helped hot load and unload passengers. Whenever we hot load we always are back behind the doors (closest to tail rotors) we open the door and escort them to a safe location, they wouldn't be able to go towards the tail rotor because we are behind them when they get out. You always are the one closest to the tail rotors when hot loading, they should never have a opportunity to go towards the tail rotor. I have found that photographers are also bad around aircraft. I had one guy that wanted to get a close up shot of the tail rotor, he didn't tell me what he was doing a
  9. Well maybe not anymore. But in the TH67 systems DVD set you can buy from flyusarmy.com, where it is basically them just taking a video from the back of an IERW class, the instructor talks about using the frictions to get out of the helicopter with blades turing at engine idle so you don't have to shutdown the engine. Take that for what it's worth. You fly for the Army and know what they teach, I just wanted to show you where I got my information from. The link to the DVD set is below. http://www.flyusarmy...-set-p-151.html
  10. I know that the U.S. Army teaches you to use frictions, to get out of the helicopter while blades are still turning.
  11. Well this was my second time not selected so I will have to wait 6 months. I'm staying focused on my goal of WOFT! Just not my time yet.
  12. Does anyone know how long you have to wait to reapply? 6 months or a year?
  13. Got the call, Not Selected. He said there was around 28 on the board and 14 selected.
  14. Can either of you guys ask your recruiters how many people were on the board and how many got selected?
  15. Congrats everyone! Good job! Looks like the recruiters are just slacking today!
  16. Would if there was no board yesterday. The recruiters could just be confused about there being no board because of the SIFT test.... Who knows.
  17. 1. Theres no active military selection board + 2. It's the beginning of FY 13 = Good selection rating! Thats my theory at least. Prove me right USAREC!
  18. Haha I thought that because you posted twice in a row that you found out if you were selected or not. I wonder who's gonna here something first. Ill be on here all day also (at least until I go to work).
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