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  1. Everyone will know the results of the selection board in at most 31 hours or 1,860 Minutes or 111,600 Seconds but who's counting?
  2. ..1.. to selection ..2.. till we find out. Someone has to keep it going haha.
  3. There is a thread discussing this video in the General Helicopter Forum.
  4. Awesome little bird car takeover. http://youtu.be/H2tL-T-5IgI Another Bad Ass little bird video
  5. We might as well just say 3 days because that is when we will find out haha.
  6. Good luck man! If the Drill instructors don't know your name by the end of BCT then you did good haha.
  7. Happy birthday. And Yamer it's for the WOFT selection board.
  8. Haha I will agree to disagree. And that is interesting, don't you just love the government.
  9. You are mixing up my replies. And no I have never performed surgery, have you? Being a doctor is more knowledge of treatments and diseases than motor skills but I can agree they do need precise motor skills. However, I was comparing operating machines not surgical tools. I don't think helicopter pilots are more important than doctors, where did you get that from?
  10. That flying a helicopter is harder than operating heavy equipment or a big rig. Yes it takes more training to become a doctor but thats not a motor skill...
  11. You both have misunderstood the points I was trying to make. I know that just because you got the "certificate" doesn't mean you are ready for the real world. My point was that it takes much much more training to gain a helicopter certificate compared to a heavy equipment or big rig operator. And you need much more experience to gain a good helicopter job compared to a heavy equipment or big rig operator. Don't cherry pick my statements. And I stand corrected on there being less doctors than pilots. However, my point was not about who's job goes first in tough times. It was that any able bod
  12. Any able bodied individual can become a helicopter pilot, doctor, surgeon, astronaut or heavy equipment operator etc. Your missing the point of why everyone doesn't do these things. Because they all take alot of time, work and dedication! I don't know why you want to beat up on your career path so much. What you said about being a helicopter pilot can be said for being a surgeon or doctor to. Take some pride in what you do! just because everyone "could" learn to do your job doesn't mean they will succeed. Why is there less doctors and surgeons? Because to most people their job is boring, and i
  13. I think all of your experience is making you forget how hard it is to learn to fly a helicopter. My point was that operating a helicopter is far harder to learn than operating heavy equipment or driving a big rig. I posted below 2 websites of companies who train heavy equipment and big rig operators. I suggest you browse through the sights. Numbers like 3 weeks to complete your CDL training, and only 3 days to pass your crane operator certificate comes up. http://www.operator-...l.com/index.php http://www.californi...d_questions.asp And lastly in the Army, 21E Heavy equipment operator sc
  14. I'm sorry but are you kidding me? Operating a helicopter takes much more skill/knowledge than operating heavy equipment or driving a big rig.
  15. I will give you the cold hard truth. Flying helicopters has to be on of the most bad ass job there is on this planet. While it takes thousands of dollars and usually years to get a good job, pilots enjoy their training to much! Think of it this way, you don't have any surgeon that practice surgery as a hobby (inform me if I am wrong), surgeons do their job as a job to make a good living. You can't really have "fun" doing surgeries. While on the aviation side many people fly just for the joy of flying. If you add in that you can make a living off of what you love to do (flying) than us pilots a
  16. Again I think you are confused, I was trying to say the military has LESS leisurely time than most people. And I am proud to support our military with my tax dollars. If you go to the General Military Helicopter Discussion sub forum you will see I am currently trying to get into the WOFT Army program so...
  17. Yes, you have to pass a dental exam. Some dentist are more lenient than others but I would definitely get it taking care of to be safe.
  18. I'm not sure you understood me. I wasn't talking about Army flight training, I was talking about who has more leisurely time available... I don't know any professional pilots? Who do you think trained me? Also I talk with a CW5 frequently that has 25+ years of Army helicopter experience, not to mention all the professional pilots that post regularly on these forums... And lastly, I have flown frost patrol, have done some mock photo shoots and have got to witness countless commercial operations. Thats not alot but what about being a low timer do you not understand? If you payed for a job
  19. From what I have heard on this forum, "You will never be forced into flying/picking a Chinook". I believe when they come up they get picked very quickly. Take that for what it's worths, there are many more qualified individuals than I to answer your question.
  20. Ahh what a breathe of fresh air! I went up in the R-22 today and had 2 very good landings, with the wind gusting to 15 knots. I also hadn't flown the R-22 for over 5 months until today! Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  21. Blah Blah Blah, there Are MANY professional pilots that still frequently post on these forums! If a current Army Aviator has time to post on here I am absolutely positive you still have time to post here also, don't try to act like your time is that valuable. And professional pilots mentor us low timers, and let me tell you it helps tremendously. If I have a successful helicopter career I will do the same. Also you sound like a CURRENT Boatpix student, not Mr. professional hot shot by the way.
  22. This may be a dumb question, but will it work with a Mac?
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