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  1. Can someone with access to the AD list check a name for me?
  2. Was this latest class to select the same guys who painted the rock with the RTAG logo? I forget what the timelines are.
  3. What does that mean? There is actually a reserve only WOFT program but the application is different?
  4. That's definitely not the case, other than the previously mentioned technicality that all W1's are appointed in the reserves but actually serve on active duty. That's more of an administrative trivia fact though. If your goal was to go to flight school then only work weekends that's not going to happen. 3 years active isn't happening either. That's only if you sign your enlistment contract but fail to make it through WOCS for whatever reason. 6 years from the end of WOCS is another barely relevant number because it only comes into play if you finish WOCS but fail to make it through flight scho
  5. This is the most valuable thing you can do in Army aviation. I was sad to hear about your med issues but I'm super proud of everything you've accomplished since I first read your intro thread all those years ago. Your true American badassery reflects great credit upon yourself, the DUSTOFF family, and USA#1. Make sure you log that flight as PIC time IAW FAR Part 61, it was well earned.
  6. d10


    I came to this thread after reading the main rotor balancing thread and started thinking it was an app that let you stick your iphone on a blade or something to do a track and balance.
  7. Maybe not but there's a huge difference between E-4 and E-5. You make E-4 by simply existing in the Army for 2 years without any major screwups. You earn E-5. Your packet will be much more competitive if you update it.
  8. This sentence kind of sums it up: "You will clearly see this as you review his long list of awards and accolades accumulated over his Air Force career." If your recommender is admitting she's not saying anything that you couldn't "clearly see" by looking at your personnel file, what value does the LoR add? A good LoR provides information that goes beyond restating your job titles. The flowery language is mostly ignored unless it's backed up with specific examples showing why you're more trusted/more competent/more whatever than your peers. You can help by submitting a specific list of your acc
  9. Not sure if I agree with this exactly. It's something but it's not about zero defects. The system has always been exploitable to those who play politics well. Sometimes the soldiers with the least defects think they can get by simply by being a good soldier but when situations like this come up, that has little to do with whether they continue in the Army. It was like that when I was in, I heard plenty of stories of it being similar before my time, not surprised it's still the same way.
  10. I'm not sure what you're talking about because my post was entirely consistent. Maybe you could be more specific if I made a point you disagree with. Here's an example: I disagree with your general recommendation to dismiss advice from those who have followed different career paths. Especially when you don't know what their perspective is. It leads to culture inbreeding.
  11. From what I've seen the people who actually want to be in the 160th have a good shot at making it to the 160th. They're the people who put in the time to be as competent as they can be. They develop reputations for being reliable; the guys who will put their best effort into any task assigned. There's a minimum level of skill required of course, but that's not what holds most people back. By the time you're in a position to apply you'll realize it's not as glamorous as the YouTube videos make it appear. And I don't mean that in the sense that it's mostly hard work but that glamorous part is
  12. I know a guy who went boat warrant to aviation, but never the other way around. He regretted making the switch.
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