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  1. If you win the bid can can Oil and Gas keep you from moving over to EMS? Do they have to release you?
  2. PHI is hiring VFR pilots for shelf work, Fieldwood I think. What is the likelihood of actually getting into the IFR ships from there or transferring to EMS. Are you stuck on that job or can you bid off of it eventually?
  3. I would stick to what you are doing, fly for fun. I say this more because you have a successful career than because of the drug charge. If you had already invested $100k in your training than maybe I would say something different. When you get paid to fly it turns into a job and any job stops being fun after a while. And after a while a flying job is no more glamorous than the one you have now. Keep making good money, work a normal schedule, move up the ladder and fly when you want to not when you are told to.
  4. Spike, I certainly agree that management failed in this instance, no doubt. I can assure you it happened though. From my understanding when he converted his time he logged time as PIC before he had the official Army PIC checkout. He was not let go because they felt he was being deceitful just because he ended up not having the min PIC time required for the job.
  5. I would be careful with any "conversion", as far as counting PIC time the civilian way. Some companies don't want to see a different number of PIC hours on your resume than your military paperwork reports. I have seen a former Army pilot let go the first day of training for just that. Find out ahead of time what is acceptable to the particular employer, or local FSDO for that matter.
  6. If you really want to work there you can't be patient. Applying for a civilian job is different than the military, you can't just submit your "packet" and see what happens. You have to go after a job. I'll give you the best advice I was given when I was looking for a job, "You have to call them to the point of being almost annoying". I was getting no calls from the resume so I changed my tactics, I started calling every week. This has worked for the last two jobs and I got hired at the companies I wanted to work for. The first time I kept calling the chief pilot and I could tell he was getting a little tired of hearing from me and was telling me they had a lot of pilots to consider. After two months and and probably 7 calls he called back and offered an interview with very little notice, I jumped on a plane and got the job. He later actually thanked me for being persistent, I guess it made his job just a little bit easier when trying to make a quick decision on a last minute interview slot - why not call the guy who really wants to work here and will show up. If you haven't done so, find a number for the HR person call them and tell them you want to work there, your experience and ask when can you come in for an interview. You might be surprised. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
  7. Don't think they care too much about this for light ships in the GOM. Their minimums also state 300 multi engine time to fly lights in the Gulf, I know for a fact that is not required.
  8. Yep, it's influenced by the big oil companies that have ultra strict SMS policies. If you want to do business with them you have to mimic their rules. You can thank the BP oil spill for this.
  9. It's a company wide policy, not just the Academy. Bristow has S92, AW139, S76, Bell 412, B407, etc...
  10. Everyone at Bristow wears a climbing helemet when preflighting or maintaining aircraft. Somewhere in Europe or Africa someone fell off a helicopter and hit their head so now it's a company wide policy.
  11. Pretty much sums up my helicopter career so far.
  12. No sign of post crash fire, I wonder if this R44 had the fuel bladders installed. Anyone know anything? With the recent fatal R44 accidents (here and overseas) due to fire after impact I am considering not flying any R44 until the fuel bladders are installed. Anyone else? http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Man-woman-survive-helicopter-crash-near-Ocean-Shores-202717911.html
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