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  1. This will happen in the next couple of weeks. I will get you in touch with pilot. Thx Rob
  2. A pilot(not me) is looking for someone to build time in a 44II from Dallas to Los Angeles. $250/hour for time building. Message me, or email me: rotor91@yahoo.com Thanks Rob
  3. Some of you So Cal pilots know the cranky controller at Whiteman I'm sure! After flying tours out of there for 7 months, he recognized my voice, as did i his. I told him it's my last flight, as I'm coming off the active.And as I always did on each day of tours...I thanked him for his help! He asked if I was working tomorrow, and I said yes, and he said he'll talk to me tomorrow then...and I said...OK...it's a DATE! I'm sure I made him laugh. He always treated me well, despite yelling at other pilots. But I also think it's the way I talk on the radio, always courteous, polite, and brief. Asked a woman when she was due....ya...she had the kid 3 weeks before! DOH! I just kept saying outloud to them...I am so sorry, and I am such an ASS! Tell you what....lets try this again....and I reintroduced myself...and they laughed! NEVER did that again! That same 7 months of tours, I flew Chris Paul and his wife....LA Clippers Chris Paul....I actually needed a few minutes to decompress, because I was that excited! Had to walk away for 5 minutes! Had a last minute booking for a night flight, 45 min. tour. Rich little kid, and his GF. Almost the enitre flight, they were looking down at their iPhones. I finally said...HEY...PUT THE PHONES DOWN, and ENJOY THE VIEW...which they did!
  4. Post your question on PPrune.org in Rotorheads Forum, free to sign up, and its for helicopter pilots in Europe and on that side of the world.
  5. Met Tim at the last PHPA meeting...SUPER NICE GUY! Also flies back up for a local LE agency in the So Cal area. He just LOVES to FLY! Textbook landing, escpecially over Hollywood...a lot of wires! Great job getting it on the ground!
  6. FROM ADRidge Mom: Rob, Thank you so much for your message. It means a lot to me to know that Andrew was so well respected professionally. I know he mentioned you and Dennis to me. Yes, I am a lucky Mom to have had Andrew. I only wish it could have been for another 50 years or so. He was so excited about finally flying professionally. Andrew was so cognizant of hazards, and so conscientious. I was never concerned that he would fly under dangerous circumstances, use poor judgement or be anything but a true professional. Thank you again for writing to me. I will check out the Vertical Reference Forum. Please tell all his heli buddies that he is their heavenly co-pilot now. Take care, Claudia
  7. Laides & Gentlemen... I am sorry to tell everyone, but ADRidge(Andrew) was one of the pilots killed in the WA state 44 crash. I just talked to him 2 days ago, and he was super excited about going up there for the cherry drying contract. They trailered the 44's from TX. I had the wonderful chance to meet Drew a few years back, and he was one of thee nicest guys. Talked to him frequently, and he was in love with Sarah too. Dennis will agree about Drew. A VERY SAD DAY. Rob R91
  8. Some are saying DA was a major factor. And yes, probably not going to see a cockpit anytime soon!
  9. Being made in China is a 20% savings...from the orig. price of $1.3million...ya...I said MILLION! R91
  10. Here in the LA area, there are a couple ENG companies. I know a few ENG pilots that wear helmets. A recent engine failure last year at WHP, ENG pilot was wearing a helmet. I think if you fly everyday for a living, then you should wear a helmet and protect your melon! There are always bird strikes too! WAY back in the day, a commercial pilot at WHP flying a 22 would wear a helmet and flight suit...DUNNO if Goldy remembers him...at Watson? It looked funny on the guy, but it it could save his life in the event of accident. R91
  11. GOOD STUFF HAMMSTER! I honestly believe that visual training, rather than a book is the way to go! Something very complex as you can see from the video, and making it quite simple. Very well done! Gotta love the GoPro camera's! Cheers Rob R91
  12. http://http://facebook.com/rob.massi
  13. NICE job getting it on the ground safely John!
  14. Check out Group 3 Aviation, and Elite Helicopters at Van Nuys. Both are good outfits, G3 is a 141 school, and I believe Elite is working on getting a 141 cert.. Good luck! Rob R91
  15. WHOA...superstallion6113 Goldy will remember Watson back in the day. Hot day with my CFI, I had already solo'd, and we're just coming over the fence to the taxiway. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a big old plastic bag go up into the main rotor...and WAM...that cyclic shook, and made a circular rotation like I was churning butter to save my life. CFI jumps on the controls, and sets it down in the dirt near the taxiway, shuts it down immediately, cyclic still churning butter, pulls the rotor brake, CFI gets out, puts the plastic bag under the seat...looks at ME...and says...You still wanna fly? I wipe the sweat off my brow, and hands, and said LETS GO! Almost a midair coming into VNY with a FW, too close for my comfort. Especially when ATC says 278 anyway you can avoid that aircraft? 278 right 270 will maintain visual! Pucker factor of about 8! My pax had a video camera, but it wasn't on, but it held an actual VHS, so it was a big camera! When we landed, my pax is from NYC, and he asked if I wanted to go kick that guys a$$! LOL Training...training...and more training...JD you are correct!
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