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  1. http://www.neha.rotor.com/ If you are a current ENG pilot please visit and register (it's free), also send a picture of your current aircraft. If you are an old member of NBPA please re-register. Thanks NEHA
  2. Hey guys and gals, I’m finally updating the NBPA website (National Broadcast Pilots Association). We are starting with the picture gallery. Please send you’re digital pictures, station info and pilot information to my e-mail (bhiller@nbc6.com) and I will update the site as they come in. Also we want to try and personalize the site as well, put a face with a name so if you have any pictures of you, I.e. station ID photo, picture with the aircraft, attach that as well and we will put that on the site next to you’re name and aircraft. Please forward this e-mail to folks that I missed. www.nbpa.rotor.com Thanks Brandon
  3. In Orlando its CFN 13 the helicopter is provided by Metro Networks, I flew that helicopter for about 10 months. Mobile, AL using one I thinks its Channel 5 Hope that helps
  4. My mistake, service life on the belt is 600 hours according to the books the belt had 950 hours on it. Still glad everyone made out ok.
  5. The reason this aircraft lost hydraulics is because the belt failed, the R-44 and 206 hydraulic failure is no big deal. The Astar is an absolute armful, the fact is that this was a simple problem, the RFM calls for a run on landing.
  6. http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief2.asp?ev_id=...C04FA117&akey=1 This is for the New York NBC station Channel 4.
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