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  1. Just wondering what the going day rate for corporate/contract bell 407 pilots are. I'm 2500+ TT ATP CFI-II and currently work in the GoM. I have the opportunity to fly some on my days off and wondering what a good day rate would be, thanks.
  2. Do you have any time in the robbie, because you have to have 10hrs of instruction before you can be PIC and they tell you that you cant take passengers unless you have the RHC safety course. If you are going to pick it up from the factory they even have more restriction, like so many hours in a robbie and so many mountain hours, I went to there course and they said the school at the other end of the runway couldn't pick one up because they didnt meet the requirements.. they do this because there have been a 5 or 6 fatal crashes from pick up..
  3. New CFI/CFII looking to build time, will do ferry flights free of charge or any other work anywhere in the U.S, operator just pays for fuel. I currently have 210hr TT most of which is in the 300C although I am current in the R22 and have recently been to the Robinson Helicopter Safety Course. Thanks Matthew Brown Resume available upon request
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