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  1. I just did some looking into the flight school at the college. It's fixed wing only.
  2. Wow thanks for all the replies so quickly! I'm new to this so maybe I should give some more details so you don't have to guess so much. Sorry. I am currently a Police Officer in Oregon and have been for the last about 5 years. The economy and political climate is making it difficult for us Officers to keep a job. My department is going thru layoffs now, so I've started to look for the next job. From my searching there is only about six openings in the state of Oregon and I know of 11 Officers that have lost their jobs in the last month just in this county. I've always been interested in flying a Heli and figure it might be time for a career change. The reason I'm thinking of going to this 61 School is because they have a flexible schedule that will allow me to attend on my weekends (I work 3 on, 3 off),I wont get that from the local college. They will also guarantee me a job instructing or touring to get my hours up to 1000. They also provide Mountain flying, long line, and other training. Basically they train me to work for them for the next 2 years or so, if accepted. I hope this helps you guys in your opinions. I'm planning on calling a VA Rep to assist in the GI Bill questions. Thanks again for all your help. Any and all insight is very much welcome.
  3. Does anyone have any experience in getting their GI Bill approved for a Part 61 School. I talked with the school I'm hoping to get into and they told me it's not unheard of to get it approved but it's not always the case. Thanks for any info.
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