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  1. Not only was I not in the MOS, I wasn't even in the Army. Stick with it, keep your PT score up, reestablish your credit, and you should be good to go.
  2. Fort Campbell, KY here. Flying out of CAAF.
  3. I managed to get in the door with a 240- 15:30 run, 76 situps and 50 pushups. That said, that was a baseline for me, since I had not been running for quite a while and pushups were new to me (Marines do pullups for the PFT). I'd like to add at least 10 pushups and knock a minute off my run time by the time I'm done with WOCS. Of course, it would also have been nice to get those last two situps, but that was more a matter of form than strength- the rules are slightly different between the services so several of mine didn't get counted. I'm actually lucky I didn't get terminated. Just something to work on. My other worry is going from England's cool, dry air to Alabama's very not cool, very not dry air. I should have a wintertime report date though, so that will help.
  4. Yeah, that's about what the going rate has been, at least for the last three boards. This one, there were a total of 198 applicants and 46 got selected. It's actually closer to 25% but still- pretty tough. Are you still at Rucker? 'Cause I'm looking to buy a house in the area, and my wife is looking for Army wives to hook up with. Drop me a line sometime if you could help me out. -Nick
  5. So how did you do, red? The board results are out now- let's hear it! As for me, I should be seeing an RFO in about 90 days! Goodbye Marine Corps, hello Army! Nick
  6. YEAH!!!! Apparently I was competitve, because I just found out a few minutes ago that I was selected by the Jul board. Now to make the transition from Marine to Soldier. They'll be putting the official announcement out soon, but it looks like I should be in training by the end of January. Thanks all for helping me out with everything! SSgt WOC Stevenson
  7. Hey all. Took my AFAST and got a 135. Didn't exactly nail it like I had hoped, but still not horrible. I have my final physical appointment next week, and after that my package is done. Unfortunately there's no June board, because I may have made it in on that one. Oh well. Thanks for all your help- I should know in September if I got selected or not. I'll keep y'all posted.
  8. It's been a long time since I poked around in here, but thanks to the recent posts for the advice. I've gone from considering applying to being almost ready to submit my package. I'm quickly approaching my submission deadline. All of my paperwork is done except for my AFAST (scheduled for 3 Apr) and my flight physical, which as at Ft Rucker as I'm typing this. My conditional release was approved, which, because of the fact that I'm stationed overseas, was a surprise to everyone in my battalion chain of command. And after speaking to a WO recruiter I was informed that a rec letter from a CW3 or higher in my MOS will work, due to the fact that the nearest Aviation post is in Germany. A lot of things have changed- I'm no longer worried about taking the PT test;although I'm still borderline on my pushups, I can consistently pass, so that's good. I transferred to England instead of Texas so that's making the process a little more painful than the process normally is. I've taken a couple of practice tests and devoured every bit of information I can find about helicopters. I have high hopes- I think I have a fighting chance at this. If I get in, I hope to see you guys soon. I need to have my package submitted by 1 June to get transferred before my release expires, so I should know in September if I got selected. Keep checking in and I'll keep y'all posted.
  9. Here's another question... God you guys must be tired of me already--- What's the best order in which to put together my package? I've talked to several recruiters, both enlisted recruiters and WO recruiters, and have received varying degrees of helpfulness, but been advised to take a different route every time. I started to put a package together about this time last year, and by the time March rolled around, I was almost completely done with the paperwork, and had even made an appointment at Fort Irwin to get a physical (not that I don't trust Navy docs, but the Army has different biometrics standards and I wanted to minimize the chance of my physical getting kicked back). Once I got to that point though, I was stuck. I asked about the PRT and AFAST, and the enlisted recruiter told me to get my recommendations first, finish my paperwork, and I would do those last, right before I transferred. Another recruiter told me I needed to take my AFAST and then submit the results, along with my PRT results, with the rest of the package. This was the WO recruiter, but then again, when I asked him of nearby aviation units to help with the CW3 letter of recommendation, he became evasive and eventually stopped emailing me back. So by this point, I'm totally lost. What do I do? Get my paperwork and then take the AFAST at MEPS? Or do everything and submit it all at once? Gov't red tape strikes again!!
  10. Fixed Wing... duh. You'd think I'd know that considering my dad's a hobby Cessna pilot... I can fly semi-regularly, I figure probably 2-3 times a week plus a day on the weekend. Don't know if this would qualify as "regularly".. but that's just to CPL. For PPL I plan on taking 3 weeks off work and just flying Civic's R22s into the dirt (hopefully not literally)
  11. Great, thanks for the info! I asked specifically about my reenlistment, and I signed a contract when I reenlisted stating that if I were to transfer out of the Marine Corps, or didn't finish at least 3 years of my contract, then I would have to pay it back, unless it was the result of a medical condition or injury. So I'm pretty much stuck here for now. Not that I mind too much, it's just that I've grown kind of bored with my current job and I am looking for a change, but I can tough it out for 3 years. No big deal. I just hope they need pilots in 3 years as bad as they do now.
  12. Ok, thanks for the info! I was planning to pay up to my PPL out of pocket. My concerns were with how to use my benes once I started working on my CPL. I'm financially stable enough to get a loan, although SM is offering rates "as low as" (scoff)12.75%... yeeouch!! Anyone know where to get a better interest rate than that? The way things have been looking though, I may not be able to get past my PPL for up to 3 years... so, slightly off-topic, would anyone recommend doing this? Or should I just wait till I can knock it out all at once? I'm afraid if I do that I'll put it off forever, and I FINALLY figured out what I want to do with my life after the Marine Corps (at 26 years old). Oh, and finally... I'm still pretty new to the jargon and acronyms... what's F/W? :cool:
  13. Hello All! I am a Marine looking into submitting an application for the Army WO program. Here's my story- I have currently served 8 years active duty, and just reenlisted. I plan on getting a PPL through a civilian instructor, and need to serve at least three years on this contract to avoid paying back my reenlistment bonus (which was pretty substantial, more than I can afford to pay back). So as soon as I'm ready to apply I'll have 11 years in and will be 29 years old. I took a practice AFAST, and did well, before I even knew anything about helicopters. With my current knowledge I'm confident that I could almost ace it. I'm in pretty good physical condition, but I would have to work on my pushups (Marines do pullups for upper body strength testing). My main concerns are the amount of time I will have already served active duty, and my age. I don't have any NJPs/article 15s and all my fitness reports are decent to above average. So, basically, would a 29 year old man with 11 years active duty and a PPL have a fighting chance? Should I submit an application, or would it be a waste of my time? Or should I use my next (and last) reenlistment bonus to get my CPL/CFII? Any responses or advice from current/former Army WOs/officers would be greatly appreciated!! ::rotorhead::
  14. Thanks, mrchuckf, and from all your counterparts here in Iraq, Happy Birthday to you guys in Afghanistan!! Now ::pray:: , go get that bin Laden M-F-er! :unclesam: :unclesam: :unclesam:
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