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  1. Update: So its been almost 8 years since i last posted here and a lot of people have emailed me over the years for info on Mauna Loa. Some things have changed - over there - and the helicopter market has evolved. If you are interested in attending this school - reach out and i can assist you with advice from training, living, making the most of your cash - and most importantly - how to plan ahead for the next step after the trianing is done - and you are thinking of heading home with the all important 1000 hours under your belt. You wont get all that time training - but you will get 200 hours in your log book to be come an instructor - another few hundred as instructor - then the rest as a tour pilot .... thats the normal way - but tour positions are competative - learn what it takes to get ahead 🙂 check out some of the images from my flying on instagram @danheath808
  2. update!!! If you are seriously considering a flight school you must ensure that they are one of the schools you evaluate. Anyone wanting more information, tips on getting through the course in an economic way , living tips and even updates on the job market in China you are welcome to email me at pilotheath@gmail.com . I will do my best to respond as quickly as i can. I am now flying in China. You can see some of the things we are doing here: www.greatwallhelitours.com Fly Safe
  3. Hi I completed my CFI there July 2011. The school is amazing. I am in europe right now and heading back to Hawaii in a few weeks ... If you want to email me with your questions it's pilotheath@gmail.com I have photos of all 3 islands you train on (I opted for Big Island and Kauai ) I also have some pictures of the student accommodation and can give you a lot of tips that can make your life easier before you arrive and after you arrive. I suggest that you look for an F1 Visa (for non US Students) as this will allow you to work for upto 2 years as an instructor to build your time. Dan
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