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  1. I keep hearing a rumor that Air Log will pay a portion of a students training tuition if he agrees to sign a contract with them for "x" number of years of service to them upon graduation. I assume its to keep the turnover rate down. Anyone else hearing this also?
  2. Just a few quick questions for all you veterans pilots. Im approaching my retirement in law enforcement and looking for a career change. Im only 32 years old and have recently enrolled in a program to gain my private rotor. My life long friend has a helo business which operates 3 piston and 1 turbine helo for private jobs. I would have endless access to his helos for jobs and whatnot to gain my magic 1000 pic hours once i secure my commercial rating. I feel that access to his helos is a major push to commit to this career field. I would eventually like to fly offshore or in law enf. Im hearing though, that the market is to be flooded with pilots leaving the military, therefore making these jobs super competitive. I really want an honest opinion as to the future outlook of rotor pilots in the job market. Thanks in advance.
  3. thanks for your help photoflyer...ill be residing in Leander, not far from Georgetown, ill check it out.
  4. I was registered to enroll into Vortex's PP program before hurricane katrina struck us. Now that they have relocated i am not in a position to attend. I have recently accepted a job offer in Austin that i cannot pass up. i would still like to pursue my dream of becoming a helo pilot and was wondering if anyone knew of any training offered in the Austin metro area..many thanks.
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