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  1. Crispy, I really appreciate the time you took to give me all those details! I read it when you posted, but just saw that I never responded. Just for reference and out of curiosity, where have you flown the T2?
  2. We operate two Bell Long Ranger L3s in Papua New Guinea for missionary and humanitarian/community development work. Our machines are not getting any newer and we're looking at what will be our next machine. Cost is a very large consideration for us, since we are a non-profit organization. We are wondering about the Airbus H130 T2 as a replacement, but don't have many real world numbers for comparison. Can anybody help fill in some of the blanks? Fuel burn per hour: Actual airspeed: Hourly operating cost: Payload with 2 hours total fuel on board: Some other questi
  3. I am a commercial helicopter pilot with 1140 rotorwing hours (1325 fixed wing hours). I have about 950 hours in turbine helicopters, mostly in Bell Long rangers and Jet Rangers. Most of my Bell time has been mountain flying in Papua New Guinea. I will be available in from January through July 2012 for contract work. Please contact me at gavin_jones@sil.org
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