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  1. I know what you're saying, but I don't think it's an industry secret that Pathfinder sucks.
  2. Nothing? Anyone? What, no one wants to pay his way for the poor soul?
  3. A lot of people minimize the importance of having the navigation, radio, airspace and just overall being comfortable in an aircraft when it comes to migrating from planes to helicopters. Having those things lets you completely focus on flying the aircraft, which is difficult to learn. It certainly doesn't buy you much, if anything, in the long run, but when I first started with R22s it took a lot of the stress off. But if you're in career-mode and do not plan on flying planes for a living...skip the fixed-wing.
  4. Yep, in one of Tropical Ed's last columns for Private Pilot he talks about pilots fessing up to ham-fisting so that someone else doesn't suffer from the mistake down the road.
  5. I was talking with a fixed-wing pilot who had just been hired to fly a prominent family around in their personal jet. He mentioned that was the sole reason he was chosen over the other applicants. If you think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense. A mechanic will notice things that other pilots might not know is a potential problem. And they'll keep a better eye on the maintenance of the aircraft too, even though they're not the ones doing the work - they'll make sure it has been done.
  6. I just learned something here. I would have loved to have done full autos to the ground, but was never allowed to do anything but power recoveries. One thing that I never knew was to treat it as a hovering auto at the point I was doing the power recovery. I just assumed that since I was coming in with slow forward movement and slowed descent at the flare that I would level the ship and it would continue the forward track. At the flare-and-level I'm already putting in quite a bit of pedal to maintain track. But I guess it never occurred to me that "had this been an actual emergency"...that I'll need probably full right pedal those last few feet to keep track as I pull full collective to cushion the landing. It's one of those things that makes sense once you think about it, but unless you're told you just don't know.
  7. I was batting messages around w/ another helicopter pilot on another forum and noticed that he was flying the mosquito, a single-seat experimental. When I asked about it he directed me to the website. http://www.innovator.mosquito.net.nz/mbbs2/index.asp Watch the videos and you'll be amazed. I watched a couple of them over and over trying to get a better look because it looked like the pilot had his right arm on the door frame (there are no doors, but for lack of a better description). Then one of the videos had the guy shooting the video explain that the helicopter is so stable...that the pilot had his hand off the cyclic and was controlling the movement solely with the collective and by moving his body weight. One of the videos is of a segment from a tv show where a pilot explains that he had never flown a helicopter before and that it took him all day to learn how to fly the mosquito well. I'm certainly not advocating trying to fly one w/o training. But it looks like the mosquito isn't quite as hard to fly as other helicopters. I'm intrigued, but would also be nervous flying something that sounds like my lawn trimmer at full throttle.
  8. NO! Please, keep that email address on your resume!
  9. When you're applying for a job the guy looking at your personal web page also has a stack of resumes identical to yours. He's looking to thin that stack and it's not just a matter of you not posting pictures of yourself drunk or bragging about doing stupid things. If he happens upon your page and it comes across as anything less than stellar then you're asking to not get hired. Some will say that they didn't want to work for someone like that anyway. And that's fine, because there are a LOT of pilots that do want to work for someone like that. I'm old-school, I know. But I shake my head at some of the crap kids today put on the net for everyone to see.
  10. Lyn, I have to admit that I owe you an apology. When you took over VR I thought it was quickly go the way of JH, but that hasn't happened. I like both the look and functionality of the site. Easy drop-downs to items of interest of helicopter pilots. Nice job.
  11. In Bayou06's defense, I suspect that he hasn't heard of DK and thought he was just another showoff pilot. No need to come down so hard on other pilots. If this had been almost anyone except DK he'd be right on target.
  12. There is no such requirement. What he's probably refering to is the requirement to obtain all relevant information in preparation for a flight. So, for example you would be in violation if you were going on a x-c and not at least looked at a current sectional and obtained a weather briefing. But you do not have to have a full current sectional on board with you for a short hop. I did most of my helo training 150 miles from home so I wasn't real familiar with the area. For the short training hops I used a piece of sectional that I laminated that fit nicely on my left thigh, held in place by the third hand. I also had ATIS, tower and CTAF frequencies written in large type in the bottom corner. It worked great for the year I trained over there.
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