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  1. From personal experience....Maintain a class 2 or class 1. This was under the CH30 GI Bill, and due to inaccurate information provided to me by the flight schools VA "expert". This was pre-internet age (1992), I was 22 & just took the word of the subject matter "expert"...yeah I know, ultimately my responsibility & my bust. I was denied the 60% reimbursement from the VA for failing to maintain at least a class 2 medical. I appealed the decision to the maximum extent possible which took 3 1/2 years and was still denied reimbursement, over $7k. So, my recommendation would be
  2. Check out some military sources in that area... USCG Air Station Cape Cod (H-60's) USCG Air Station Atlantic City (H-65's) New York Air National Guard (H-60's Long Island?) New York Army National Guard (H-60's, Albany) They normally have Public Affairs offices that can help with those requests... What about NYPD or NYFD?
  3. Generic PHI IFR-SIC version: Daily sign in times are generally around 0430-0530 depending on the customer requirements. Pre-flight & run-up first thing. Then preflight planning (wx, W&B, fuel req's, route, etc). Depart on flight (0600-1100'ish), return. possibly 2nd, 3rd or 4th flights depending on customer req's. Could make several stops at rigs or other bases. Once finished for the day, sign out (for 135 tracking purposes), remainder of day is yours... I've been finished as early as 10am and as late as 6pm. Some days I've been a spare pilot...sign in & hang out, could be us
  4. Pretty sure the last statement just above the space for your signature read something to the effect of "to the best of my knowledge"... If you have omitted or forgotten something, and they find it during a background check, they may ask you about it. Respond with something like "Oops, my bad, I forgot all about that, here's what happened..."
  5. The adjustment of CG aviation assets at Traverse City has been an insider CG rumor for the last several years. Removing H65's (& allocating them elsewhere) and replacing them with H-60's actually makes sense...-60's have longer range, greater cabin space, and are more suited to the winter conditions of the Great Lakes area. So...wouldn't give Obama the credit nor blame on this one.
  6. Favorite moments.... #1. The point I level off after takeoff & smile for getting paid to to this... #2. Getting out of the helo after a flight & seeing bystanders enviously watching me...
  7. Similar to what Wally said, place tick marks on the sectional periodically of points you pass over...you may need to go back to those points if you loose your awareness. "Last Known Position". Altitude dependent, I would recommend major check points every 10-20 nm (with Time/Distance/Headings), with smaller "situational awareness/on course" checkpoints for the tick marks every 3-7nm...this is a TECHNIQUE only!!! Rely on your own CFI for nav training. Another technique taught in Army flight school is the use of barriers. Plot your course on the sectional, and as you plan a course ch
  8. Always go to the reference source... http://www.gibill.va.gov/resources/education_resources/programs/flight_training.html As mentioned before...Part 141, VA approved. New changes for 1 Oct will allow for Post 911 GI bill to be used at "non-college degree programs...such as..flight school programs (other than private)." As this is a new twist, be cautious of where you decide to go...everyone else will be learning the extent of the limitations along with you... Links to upcoming changes.... http://www.gibill.va.gov/benefits/post_911_gibill/Post911_changes.html http://www.gibill.va.gov
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