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  1. It does have a hook, cargo basket, sold the spray gear. Send me email addresses and I will send info and pics
  2. Anyone interested in purchasing a 1974 Hughes 269C? Good machine, good times, great time builder! PM if interested.
  3. Seeking help this season for christmas tree harvest in Oregon. Need a pilot to fly jet Ranger. Please call 503-754-3679
  4. Anyone available to help out on a 30 day contract cherry drying? A/C Hughes 269C.
  5. Looking for anyone that needs some part time work in the northwest area. A/C is oh58s and Hughes 269 If interested please let me know. 503-754-3679 thank you!
  6. New flight school in the Pacific Northwest, utilizing the Hughes 269C. Visit www.edgefieldaviation.com for details.
  7. Hughes 269C available for flight instruction in Pacific Northwest. Rate will be $350/ HR. PM if interested. Thanks!
  8. What are the hour requirements for a 44 ENG job?
  9. Either visual or LIDAR. The location is in the Pacific Northwest
  10. Looking for some companies who do pipeline patrols? Anybody know of a few operators that do this? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Looking for some companies who do pipeline patrols? Anybody know of a few operators that do this? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Not sure on Universal Helicopters, but if they are anything like Fly Helicopters that was based in Oregon I would stear clear! Fly Helicopters is the son of UHI, very unprofessional and flakey. Let's hope it doesn't run in the family! Good luck!
  13. Not sure on Universal Helicopters. If they are anything like Fly Helicopters that was short lived in Oregon, I would stay clear. Fly Helicopters is the son of Universal Helicopters. That's all the info I have, good luck!
  14. Looking for a horizontal stab for a Hughes 269A. Any leads much appreciated. Thanks! Richard 503-754-3679
  15. Just avoid Fly Helicopters at the Aurora, Oregon airport. Very unprofessional and flakey.
  16. Well for starters. You go to book a flight and set up a time to meet and they don't show. Then you call them to see what's going on and they chew your ass for calling and bugging them. Very strange operation...
  17. "Fly Helicopters" out of the Aurora State Airport is a HORRIBLE school. The owner is a flakey scum bag! Avoid at all cost! In case they changed there school name, it is a blue R22 at the north end of the airport in the T hangars by Willamette Aviation.
  18. Anyone in the Pacific NW need an R22? Feel free to PM for details and rates!
  19. I clearly see that my post got completely misconstrued. I simply was implying, why are we sitting on here calling each other atheist? Or wether not god does or does not exist? And to the networking question. Yes I believe networking is a great tool to new and old people in this industry, considering 80% of people get there job from a connection. I spend multiple hours daily calling people, sending resumes, flying to interview, and trying to make more connections. Has it helped me land a job? No not yet, but it's better then me sitting around doing nothing at all. I'm doing all I can do to make it in this industry. Just wish I had R22 time to help me be more marketable in the CFI world.
  20. I'm a 400hr nobody in this industry trying to be respectful, pay my dues, and get good advice, seems VR isn't the place for it lately.... Hope it changes soon...... Can we get back to aviation??
  21. I will go to butt-crack nowhere.....happily;)
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