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  1. Thats great. You can tell she's new because she didnt get all indignant and self important and scream up at the helicopter "how DARE you!" Give her a few years. Props to the cameraman for holding his ground, he must've seen it coming.
  2. Glad everyone is okay. My heart goes out to the pilot, he/she will probably have a lifetime of self recrimination caused by one simple mistake. Take solace in the fact that your actions saved the lives of two passengers. Keep your head up, live and learn, try and move on, these things CAN AND DO happen to the best of us. Professionals can still make mistakes and be professionals afterwords; just ask a weatherman. On a lighter note: the announcer in the youtube video is absolutely hilarious. My favorites: "is it gonna blow up?!" "can I get some food over here?!" "(heavy breathing into the
  3. Heres what I'd do: Place a job opening for a Director of Operations with an emphasis on what the company you bought was doing before. You'll pay for it, but having some upper level management personnel should help avert disaster. There are plenty of owners out there who dont neccesarily run the day to day of their company, and in you're company everyone here would advise against it. One of the good things about the helicopter industry is that personell costs pale in comparison to operating costs...makes you feel better signing payroll checks Going to Heli-Expo is a good idea. Maybe c
  4. A good lesson in the fairness and effecacy of legions of government beaurocrats. Will PHP be compensated for the effect this misuse of federal power had on their business? No.
  5. This doesnt pass the smell test from a mile away. You wouldnt be writing from Nigeria, would you?
  6. What a cogent and enlightened argument GP. Your usual level of reasoning as I recall...
  7. Comparing auto insurance to health insurance is comparing apples to oranges, and saying auto insurance is single payer is just plain ignorant of the debate we're having. Auto insurance is bought by you to protect other people from your negligence. Health insurance is bought by you to protect you from huge medical bills. Single-payer in health insurance is the govt pays for everyone...I have no idea what you're talking about when you say that car insurance is single payer. And its "your constitution" too buddy. You may be willing to surrender control of your life to a govt beaurocrat but I
  8. You're right, I havent been sick, but I still pay alot of my income towards insurance. Thats what insurance is. Maybe I should just decide to cancel it and buy a car...If you get sick and your insurance sucks or you dont have any at all, that is your responsibility. Dont blame me and the 'system' because some people dont think they should have to pay for what they want. Sure its heartbreaking but Obamacare is not the answer, my insurance rates went up 73% on Jan 1, and its not because of profiteering. Its me paying for people who didnt want insurance until they were sick. So much for con
  9. You're right; what we have IS criminal. However, more govenment control of the private sector is not the answer, its the perpetrator. Your assertion that the cost of healthcare is driven by corporate profits is false. Insurance company profits are around 4% of revenue. In contrast, microsofts profit margin is in the neighborhood of 25%. The Healthcare overhaul, as it currently is written, is not designed to reduce healthcare costs or to 'fix' our system. Its designed to collapse our private insurance system and lead us to single payer and is obvious in this intention based on it most tou
  10. N451DB-2004 R44-Bravo Helicopters, Miami N666SL-2007 R44 II-Downrite Engineering, Miami (a real estate developer) No pics of the JetRanger in the video. Get ready for frost control insurance rates to go up!
  11. Is there a reg regarding the sterilization of headset mics?
  12. Actually not all AR-15s are carbines. In ARs the type of rifle (carbine, mid, or rifle)is based on the length of the gas tube and the location of the gas block on the barrel. Also theres no reason not to put a scope on an AR especially if your targets are at 100m+. Plus not everyone can afford a cool holographic sight that costs almost as much as the rifle itself Check out www.AR15.com, my second favorite forum. Theres a youtube video of an R22 flyin around the boonies shooting nuisance wild hogs, and of course the deer and goat hunters in NZ. I heard the guys in the R22 got killed t
  13. In my opinion, a confined area, high GW/limited power takeoff is the most difficult thing you can do with a helicopter. It takes the most ammount of discretion with the least ammount of margin for error. Often times it takes every advantage one can get, and TL begins with any forward airspeed, not just until you get into ETL. If you have room to get some airspeed I say use it. I teach, and practice, that as much forward acceleration you can get while keeping your tip-path plane above the obstacle will give you the most lift while giving an easy visual reference that your angle is good. Ab
  14. I dont understand how you reconcile those two statements. Those that didnt get hired are subpar instructors but are in demand elsewhere because they're so well trained? It might serve your ego to think you got hired there because you're the greatest pilot since Chuck Yeager but you're basically saying that 3/4 of the students you trained were incompetent or arrogant. (5 hires out of a 20 student class) If you really believe that the CFIs that graduate from BA(HAI) that dont get hired are 'not up to the level' then what does that say about YOUR performance as an instructor?? Get over
  15. These questions are why you need to spend $11k on Bell school
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