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  1. Cage code 07482 is the GE cage code. With that being the case I'm going to assume it's a gear from the accessory drive gearbox section of a T700 engine on an Apache (assuming it really is from an Apache). With a better pic of the part number it'd be easy to figure it out.
  2. The spring on the the swashplate is the swashplate balance spring. It can and usually does pull the controls when static, at least it did on the 212s I worked on. When rigging the controls on a 212, the spring is required to still have tension when the fwd/rh horn is at it's lowest level, so it will never not have tension on it.
  3. I've never been a fan of the Bell design wire TT straps. The Boeing tie bars/tt straps used on some of their helicopters that consist of stacked stainless steel plates seems like a significantly more robust and durable design.
  4. By fail I mean denied employment based on polygraph results. Everyone I know, 5 or 6 people, was disqualified on technicalities or odd anomalies such as the stories quoted below. Two of them were for irregular breathing patterns that made it difficult for the polygraph administrator to determine accurate results. Another for no change in breathing pattern or heart rate when given test questions that were to determine what happens when he lied, and was accused of trying to skew the results by practicing how to pass a poly in their own time. It makes no sense, but it apparently happened. Their a
  5. Just to update old info, Army Hawks actually started being built with rotor brakes with the introduction of the H-60M into the fleet. I haven't turned wrenches on a Mike model that didn't have one. The old A and L Hawks did not have rotor brakes on them.
  6. I was about to say something along these lines. CBP = polygraph horror stories. Not sure if they are just being anal, or simply don't know how to interpret polygraph results.
  7. Kawasaki also built Vertol 107s under license as the KV107. We currently fly some at work. I think I read somewhere that they also built a few S-61s. The KV107 was used by the Police, some private companies, and by the their military.
  8. Touring Chernobyl area by car is a bucket list thing for me honestly, so add a helo tour of the area to the list as well.
  9. Sure, Afg is where you work as an A&P to make great money, but as I previously said, my bi-weekly pay checks were bigger when I was stateside, working on logging jobs and fires. I just get more time off at once here in Afg. 28/28 rotation instead of the 14/7 I was working stateside.
  10. I work in Afghanistan right now, I'm a field mechanic. I was actually making more when I was supporting an aircraft logging in Alaska this past last summer. That was some fun work!
  11. I still turn wrenches for this very reason. I make a six figure salary as an A&P, working 6 months out of the year. 4 weeks on/4 weeks off. I wasn't ready to make a sacrifice by starting out at the bottom making peanuts, and not making much more than median A&P pay once I had a few years experience flying. My advice is fly for fun. That's what I do now. About to start my fixed wing add-on rating so that I can fly further for cheaper.
  12. My boss used to be the owner of LA Helicopters, and a co-worker was their DOM and part owner as well IIRC. I think they sold it off years ago to someone else.
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