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  1. I work for a transmission utility company. Pilot's main job is power lines patrol / inspection, line scanning / imaging of 330Kv / 132Kv transmission lines.
  2. Yes, doing it on airplane will be cheaper but am not rated on airplane. How will the training look like? Will I do fixed wing add-on before the training? If not, how will I log the hours since I won't touch the controls? Thank you.
  3. Thank you, Chris. I have the UPAC Guide already. I downloaded it last year and have gone through the suggested chapters. I did a post from the chapters on: Aerial Power Line Patrol / Inspection.
  4. Thank you for your response. I have seen details for the course. I will try and attend.
  5. For some, it is not really about the money but passion and love of flying.
  6. Hello all, I am interested in going for a Power Line Patrol / Inspection training. Please, who is offering this training? The training can be anywhere: USA, Canada, Europe etc. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for your message. I have contacted a company in UK but they said I have to do a First Multi-Engine Pre - Entry course to satisfy EASA'S requirements before I can start the type rating course with them. The Pre-Entry course is about 4 weeks distance learning, 2 days lectures in UK and an exam.
  8. Thanks for your message. I am not affiliated with Civic in any way except I wanted to do my training there. I have heard positive things about Civic and like them. I have turbine hours already. I did my training on Robinson 66 helicopter.
  9. Fellow Pilots, Am looking for where to do an Initial Type Rating Course on Agusta 109E. I have looked around but not getting much results. Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yesterday was one of the most wonderful moments of my aviation career. I went on 1st Solo flight in Robinson 66 Turbine helicopter. Today, I went on Solo consolidation. I thank God for the journey so far. To Him be adoration forever, Amen.
  11. I am considering Civic Helicopters and US Aviation Academy (formerly All American Helicopters). Any advice on these schools? I hope to leave for school in September, am still gathering my funds.
  12. We all know how disastrous it is to lose ones logbook. What are the various options available to guard against losing a logbook or minimize its loss against theft, fire or natural disaster. Your opinions are welcome.
  13. I had a great first helicopter flight experience on 23rd October, 2011 with Capt. Omesili. I flew with the Captain as a Co-Pilot from Accra - Takoradi (Ghana) in a Dauphin 365 aircraft. We were cruising at 120 knots, 1,100 feet above sea level. Flight time - 50 minutes. The greatest moment was when he hands off the controls and allowed me to fly the aircraft for some minutes. I flew Straight & Level, did some Right Turns maneuvering. He asked me to fly over a particular mountain. I learnt so much from this short flight. It helps increase my passion for the profession as I look fo
  14. During my recent visit to a Pilot friend, he promised introducing me to his Boss once I complete my training. Am partnering with him in some business to help raise funds for my training. He told me also, it doesn't matter what aircraft I do my IFR training in.
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