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  1. Not a bad idea actually for Rucker. Teaching BWS could be alright...
  2. Have a friend who interviewed and everything through CBP but as soon as Covid hit they put him on indefinite pause so he's still sitting on his hands. Guard isn't an option due to the lower back body armor business unfortunately. Been applying to everywhere that requires 1500 with no luck so far. Looking at maybe trying to dry cherries this coming season in WA but who knows. I'd be more than happy to fly AS350's in Vegas for sure but not sure if they're even still doing that. I'll look into it and send out some resumes. I'm fine financially (wife is a PA) so that helps a ton but yeah...times a
  3. I'm a recently separated UH-60M IP/AMC that's now finding myself in the Covid civilian world in an awkward spot trying to figure out the best path forward. I originally got my rotary PPL in an S-300 as a civilian and now have Commercial CFII Rotary with S-70 type and about 1150 total time. When I got my PPL (~2009), it seemed like once you passed 1000 hours, a lot of opportunities opened up. But as I research open pilot positions across the country that doesn't seem to hold true anymore. It seems like every job requires at least 1500 PIC helicopter time with a lot of specific experience I don'
  4. How many is plenty Juan? Curious how everyone is doing out there after flight school.
  5. I have talked to a few guys and can pass forward the info if you'd like?
  6. The last spread I saw still showed 60 guys as overstrength so I'm hoping for the best. If I have to stay with the Army for the full ADSO then I'll just apply to the CG later with more hours, not the end of the world. It will likely be a year before I apply as well so things may change. Wishful thinking and all but can't hurt to apply for the conditional haha hope you're having a good time up in New York!
  7. I have been hearing that as long as it's a career advancement thing and you're staying in an active component of the DoD, they will typically approve it. But yea, I think getting that conditional release will be the hardest part about the whole process...
  8. Did some research here but most everything is almost a decade old on the topic so I figured I would start up something recent. Just looking to see if there are any prior Army WO's gone Coast Guard DCA here or any Coast Guard pilots at all. I've looked into the program and I should be all set for the minimums by the time I get back from my current deployment. I'm looking to get some insight from anyone who has gone through the process or just some info about the day to day life in the Coast Guard. Ideally seeing the differences from someone who has done it before would be great. Appreciate the
  9. I have heard of someone doing a primary bypass. People with CFI and instrument and all that basically just doing their check rides and skipping primary. Supposedly it exists. But you still have to do WOCS, bolc, etc.
  10. I left the Army pretty dissatisfied as an E-5 scout in 2009 and made a big gamble to come back in through the WOFT program. I'm towards the back end of BOLC currently, and even though I haven't touched a helicopter yet I already feel like I made the right choice. But that's just me.
  11. You'll be in BOLC before you know it saying the same exact thing.
  12. This event was a while ago and I've seen some random footage from it but this one is really pretty dang awesome.
  13. Just a tip, while the 7 week WOCS course is longer, they tend to work much better together and have a better overall class than the 5 week courses. I'm happy I went to the 7 week over the 5. Long, but much more enjoyable.
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