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  1. My second interview went much better, I am now employed and my first student starts next week! It is such a great feeling. Thanks again to those who replied and hopefully someone can benefit from this short topic.
  2. Thank you all for the helpful tips and feedback. I took a flight yesterday just for fun and spent most of the time teaching myself what I was doing, how I was doing it and why it needed to be done. It felt rediculous at first but was actually rewarding and beneficial. I flew today with an instructor and basicaclly started with Flying Pig's scenario. It really helped me stay "in character" assuming that the instructor knew nothing. I told him to save any questions or critiques for the end of the flight and that that any question he asked during the flight should be as new student pilot. Thanks to a great suggestion from Spike, I went in person to talk to the chief and had a very productive conversation. We are scheduled to fly a few times in the next couple weeks finishing up just prior to another hiring round. I anticipate a more successful outcome this next interview. Thanks again to all for the great discussion and feedback.
  3. Greetings, I just recently got my CFII and went on my first job interview for an instructor position at the school where I have done most of my training. It did not go well at all. The critique that I got from the DPE for both CFI and CFII were positive and I know that he is honest and fair. The ground portion of my interview went well. I felt calm, organized and professional. However, as soon as we got to the aircraft for the flight portion, it was like I had forgotten how to teach and fly. I was flying with the cheif instructor with whom I had never flown with before and in a patter that I was unfamilliar with. He said that I was instructing well transitioning from the ramp to the taxiway(start up, taxi, air-taxi, quickstop, takeoff), then he flew the first pattern to show me where to turn (it is not a standard pattern). It was all down hill from there. His critique about my teaching from then on was that I was not authoritative enough, as if everything I was saying was like I was asking him a question. For instance, in my head I was thinking "starting my descent by lowering collective with right pedal for trim, looking for about a 500fpm descent rate. I want to keep my spot between the compass and trim strings for a nice normal approach angle" apparently came out as "should I start my approach here and does this angle look good?" This uncertainty led to several mistakes including not hitting my spot, and probably the worst autorotations I have done since I was a student pilot. Has anyone out there had a similar experience or maybe had a student display this type of student to instructor transition problem?
  4. To those that replied, thank you for the help. Great info for my scenario and also gave me some things to think about while creating my own personal minimums for training (obviously much higher). Also, I have read a little bit about how some HEMS pilots using a color code (Green-Go/Yellow-Maybe/Red-No) for weather decision making. Has anyone used this method or is it preferential to use a Go/No-Go system?
  5. I am working on a scenario and trying to justify a decision to either accept a dispatch call. I am curious to know if any HEMS pilots out there would mind sharing their company or personal limitations as far as weather goes, being mostly interested in ceilings/visibility, turbulence/winds and so on. Thanks in advance.
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