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  1. Just wanted to update to make others aware of something I found. If you are pursuing WOFT, and for whatever reason it does not work out but you still want to serve in the military, then a good alternative for WOFT might be to join the army under a 11x Option 40 contract. This contract allows you to try out to join the 75 Ranger Regiment to become an Army Ranger right off the street just like WOFT. Rangers are special forces and the program seems to be a bit of a step up from regular Army Infantry. Not a bad alternative at all if you ask me. I wanted to update with this find since some people can't get into WOFT, and as much as that sucks there are other options if you still want to serve in the military and feel you want to be challenged a little more than what the regular Army would offer.
  2. I'm thinking infantry. It looks like you get to do some really cool stuff. As far as job training goes I already have a 4 year degree and work as a professional which I'm content with. I've browsed several MOS's and I mean no disrespect but nothing has the appeal like infantry, aviation, or possibly armor. What do you guys think about those?
  3. I appreciate the responses so far. As far as states go I am still open for suggestions but, since I'm willing to fly anything, I will just go to whatever state seems like it would work out best in aspects other than the military. As far as MOS's, let me rephrase my question. If you had a burning desire to serve, but could not be a pilot, what MOS would you shoot for as an alternative?
  4. Hello all, I have been a member here for a little while now. I've pursued the WOFT dream in the past but it did not work out. However, I am still at it as I am only 30 years old and still within the window of opportunity. My intention is to join the national guard and pursue WOFT. Since I'm still single, I am able to relocate to anywhere in the country. I have two questions: 1. What are some good states to join that are perhaps in need to WOFT applicants? Any states to avoid for any reasons? 2. What is a good MOS in case WOFT doesn't work out? By the time I move, enlist, and am able to put a packet in, I'll be 31-32 years old. I probably have one shot left and if it doesn't work out again I will be stuck in my original MOS. So, I'd like to ask you guys and girls for your input at what you think a good alternative MOS would be in case I can't be an aviator. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, I have started this thread in an attempt to get in touch with any WO Aviators or recruiters that would be willing to discuss with me my background and my chances of being offered a WOFT slot. I will not sugar coat my past and will present a comprehensive background of myself, including the strong parts of my application. I don't think it would be smart to post this all on a public forum so I would prefer to communicate through PM. Since I do not know which members I should PM, I would ask that anyone willing to listen and offer their opinion please send me a PM and I will respond asap. Thank you very much. -Droz88
  6. Thanks guy. This info is helping me make a decision on which path to take. I posted this same question on an Air Force pilot forum and their gripe was that Army should pay the Warrant pilots the same as regular O's. Would it be fair to say that a helo pilot in the army will be flying more intense and demanding missions than a helo pilot in the air force? I ask because that's the type of flying I'd like to do instead of just calm high altitude flights.
  7. As I understand it, Air Force UPT students who select Rotary Wing on selection night get sent to Ft. Rucker and attend the RW course along with Army WOFT students. Correct? If this is correct, then how would you sum up the difference between a Army helicopter pilot vs a Air Force helicopter pilot? Other than rank, what is the difference (if any) between the proficiency, type of flying/missions, and the HH-60 vs the UH-60? Thanks. I'd be fortunate to be offered a slot in either program but am curious about differences to expect as a helicopter pilot in either branch.
  8. Thanks I will see if the have a OSM that could help. I will have to do research...if there is a way to go in as an officer-aviator to a guard unit that might be the way to do it for me instead of enlisting and trying to get a warrant slot. No, I am not basing this off of flight time only. I want to serve alongside others in the military but don't want to be going to endless meeting and powerpoints if that's what officers do. However, if officers in the guard actually fly about as much as warrants then that would be worth it to me. Anyone ever hear of someone going street to seat in the guard as an officer?
  9. I am looking at Colorado and Washington. Colorado doesn't have a WOSM right now and I have no idea when they will get a new one. My question is if being in the NG as a CO Aviator is a lot different that being in the NG as a WO Aviator. I know that on the Active Duty side the CO's generally fly less but is that the same when it comes to the guard? Do CO Aviators still just come in and fly the minimums just like the WO Aviators do or are they required to do a lot of non aviation related things?
  10. Hey guys just a few more questions as I am drawing nearer to enlisting in the guard and pursuing a WOFT slot. Would anyone be able to comment on the difference between being a Commissioned vs Warrant Pilot while in the guard? From what I have read, warrants fly a lot more than commissioned on active duty. But is that the same case when it comes to the guard? Do commissioned officers still do the 2 weekends/month requirement and spend most of the time flying just like the warrant or are they required to do administrative stuff?
  11. Justin is correct, they cannot discriminate based on my intention to join but that would sure be hard to prove in court. My transparency may do me in but I'm in a small field and so its better than burning bridges.
  12. Yes they have to hold your position if you're already employed. If you tell them you intend on joining and they decide not to hire you on that basis alone then I am not sure if that is discrimination and illegal. I could of just not said anything but I think that would of been deceiving of me.
  13. Yamer- This is actually a potential employer. I informed them that I intended on enlisting in the guard and would be away for training for a while and they said they don't think they would be able to work that out if I would be leaving right away and suggested I do the training first and then if the position is still open they would work with me on it at that time.
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