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  1. i went out in February to take the lie-detector test.....after it was all said and done i failed i guess? the guy that was giving me the test said " hes not sure if i passed or not....it could go either way....i may have to come back and take it again" i received a email two weeks later saying i am not needed! I was completely honest....i have led a pretty straight life....maybe when i admitted to smoking pot about 5 times in my life 20 years ago.... was there red flag? If that is the worst thing i have done and i couldn't get in? I am thinking they are going to go out of business soon!!!
  2. so when i met with the air and marine operations recruiter they told me all other government jobs that people are trying to get into ( gardener for the white house, accountant for the fbi, border patrol...whatever it may be) that require the same paperwork, pt tests, medical exams, lie detectors, ect....are being put on the back burner. anyone trying to get into the air and marine through the "fast track program" as they called it ( closed as of nov- 6) is being pushed ahead of everyone. so far they have contacted me when they said and gave me plenty of time and options to pick my appointments. i have been through the government process before.....they have never went as smooth as this has been. i just hope it stays this way!
  3. they never really gave a number....they just said they are in need of pilots bad, and that they are about to be down 40% with pilots retiring and moving on elsewhere ( airlines).
  4. yes...as you know, the airlines are trying to recruit everyone, now the heli industry is really starting feel it. thats why the air and marine was there also. if you were at heli sucess they put you through a fast track program...i guess it cuts off alot of time and headache.
  5. its not certain questions that there failing. its that your nervous, they have you testing for like 4-8 hours. people get all worked up and angry sitting there that long. they ask you questions that are personal to get you worked up. its almost like there trying to fail you.
  6. yep.... i know two people that failed it and they were good people that led the straight and boring life. i dont have much faith in it, but it is what it is! i guess ill see how i do
  7. well.....a lot got got recruited by the air and marine operations. don't say border patrol...they do not like that, found out the hard way..haha. to be honest it was a great event. the speakers were really good, made a lot of good contacts, gave out lots of resumes to people hiring, learned alot! there were a couple low time cfi"s that i believe even got jobs ( as instructors of course) lyn and all the big guys were really there to help....no matter what your pilot level was. i am going back next year....no matter where i am in my career!
  8. stay away!! you cant work up there being a american.....its not impossible, but almost. lots of hoops to go through. whats your plan when you get a commercial? no one is going to hire you with 100 hours. its hard enough to find work with 1200 hours with all the proper licenses ....not just a commercial. if your going to do this.....go to a busy flight school. get all your ratings, spend 2-3 years of instructing! there is no easy way around this.
  9. i sold the helicopter after i got my cfi.....so i only ran up a little under 350 hours. been instructing, and flying anything anyone will allow me to do to build time. It was a hughes 300c with 3 seats. it saved me money because once i got my private my friends and whoever else would come along id fly around if they paid for fuel. i also did some tours sitting along a busy stretch of high way to offset more of the cost. ( yes i applied for my part 91 when i got my commercial) i ended up selling the helicopter for what i paid...so there was no component time lost. i had my maintenance and insurance is all. i had alot of luck....no problems! i never said it was easy or going to be easy but it can be done if you want it bad enough!
  10. ok.....almost exactly 6 years ago, i asked the same question....then i mentioned buying my own helicopter for the training...WOW... i dont think i got one positive reply! i think that was my first and until now my last time posting on here. at the time i was 44.......ya.....that makes me 50 now!! anyway...i bought my own helicopter ( which saved me about 40 grand in training), then sold it... i am sitting at 1200 hours right now pic. i am now about ready to start trying to get into the job market. i dont know what will happen, but i do know if this is a passion for you.....then do it!!! i would have regretted it for the rest of my life if i would not have at least tried!
  11. ok....I should not have said " a cfi is just a passenger " seems to be upsetting people! we all know its more then that! but in my experience....after 20 hrs....maybe a little more with other students there isn't a lot of actual flying time for the cfi....yes a good cfi is ready at all times because the person sitting next to you is trying to kill you! then the student moves into the commercial world.....there is almost no flying for the cfi. with all this being said....I believe everyone should go the cfi route...and try and get as much stick time as you can....where you can....without taking it from the student who is trying to learn!
  12. he has 300-400 hrs. not a lot of cfi jobs at the moment and thought it would be good to build time for 40.00 hr instead of renting a 300 for 250 hr. I believe he is going to get his cfi and do both! it sounds like a good idea to me...the resale value on the mosquito seem to be good, he can get cheap time in, maybe he can get a part time cfi job?
  13. good question! as a cfi to get to 1200 hours...how many hours of stick time does he actually have.....500- 600? maybe less? I have flown with cfi 1200 hour pilots and 1200 hour private pilots, and there is a difference in the skill level...usually better on the guy with the actual stick time....sure his knowledge of air space, general knowledge, ect , isn't great, but still very aware of whats going on! and sometimes lots of stick time dosnt mean anything.....some people get to a level and that's it.....we all have that friend that's had a drivers license for 30 years, and don't want to get into the car with him!!
  14. I agree with all of you....that's what I told him! he seems to be leaning towards the cfi and possibly getting a mosquito turbine......for fun and a some time! he is convinced as a cfi your basically just a passenger, but knows he needs the knowledge! thanks for the input!!
  15. I have a friend that just got his commercial certificate, he is looking into buying a mosquito xet (turbine) helicopter to build time instead of going the cfi route! he was asking me if that was excepted to future employers? i don't believe it is but...i really didn't know what to tell him....! opinions???
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