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  1. The great candor of this story really helps it sink in. Thanks for sharing life lessons.
  2. Cburg: How is the Gyke coming along? Have any pictures?
  3. CFII seeking time building / ag / ferry opportunities of all kinds. Experience ferrying from Los Angeles to Seattle / Wenatchee 2x and from Los Angeles to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and back. If you are bringing a ship back from a cherry contract or back from Alaska at the end of the season I'd be delighted to copilot.
  4. Palmfish: Let me join the line for when you are finished with them in a couple months. Cheers!
  5. They still doing the 44 flights up and down the coast? Or is that from a bygone era when the LAX pads were active?
  6. Wopilot: When do you want to hit up Radiator Springs? Text me at 3ten 800 onetwo94 - Jason
  7. Cburg: Have any pics of your 2 engine single seat creation?
  8. Cburg, I'd be delighted to hear more - sounds like you are narrowing in on your best fun/ redundancy per dollar niche.
  9. Cburg: single-place twin-engine when I’m not fooling around with my heli. What is the single-place twin-engine that you are building? And may I ask what helicopter will it be replacing or supplementing?
  10. Awesome resource! Thanks for suggesting it and passing it on.
  11. Wopilot: I accept your Radiator Springs invite and challenge you to a race. I'm throwing down the pink slip on this race and need co-pilots to assure victory. 5 spots available first round. Who is with us?
  12. Any details yet on the VR pub meetup, or the Robinson meet 'n greet at the factory?
  13. I heard they are no longer offering the program. I wonder if anyone was able to participate while the getting was good?
  14. TC was at the Phoenix Magnum PI booth!!!???? I enjoyed the paint job from afar but never had the chance to meet the man. Rats. Rats. Rats!
  15. Orbic Air in LA has an "exclusive private" peak in Malibu overlooking the sea. 2 minute mark has the location from an aerial and on the ground view. Anyone know exactly where it is? And David- care to share as an example for us all, how you were able to secure the landing permission?
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