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  1. I like looking at the cars and houses. I like what I call "sightseeing" in a helicopter. The visibility differences between that and a fixed wing just lends itself to sightseeing. I see your point about desirable and undesirable. I have been encouraging my helo students to alter their straight line transit courses enough to take advantage of open landing ares if needed. But while I'm at it, I don't hesitate to sightsee some more.

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  2. You're only as good as your last hour. Some guys repeat their last hour endlessly. Some regress. I flew with a guy that had twice my hours, but was abominable. When I would attempt constructive criticism, he would tell me how many hours he had. Don't ever get intimidated by a guys (or gals) hour level. The guys you are flying with are flying with you for a reason. The other side of the coin is, don't assume someone will listen to you just because you have more hours, ratings, whatever. They might just be appearing to listen to you. Sometimes they want to see your comparatively better skill before they are ready to learn from you. Take to your role of flying expert with quiet humble confidence.

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