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  1. While we're at it, let's get together and invent a Sailcopter or a Heliglider. Why should the fixed wing guys get to have all the fun ?
  2. Attempting to hover on a raft has been the demise of more that a few Tuna pilots.
  3. Are we talking about HAI in Louisville ? If so, look for me with Matt, Jake et al at the Rotors and Ribs Booth.
  4. I am left wondering if a meeting of pilots from pilots anonymous would brainstorm this into a better idea, or worse. Hi, my name is aeroscout, and I'm a pilot...
  5. Anyone remember the EP-3 Aires midair (April 2001) ? Trivia question...What was the name of the Chinese midair pilot ? He was flying a J-8D a varient of a mix between a Mig 21 and a Mig 23
  6. If I have to fly over inhospitable territory unaided, I like it better at night.
  7. By and large if you like flying, you don't like flying HEMS. If you like not flying, you like flying HEMS.
  8. I think guys should be able to come on to the forum and rant, as long as they're not engaging in personal attacks. I don't think they should be accosted for their viewpoints. I like reading the rants. I like to see how common certain frustrations are. Chances are more than one of us has gone through the same phase or will at some point. Some frustrations go with the game. It's a level of stress you just have to learn to manage or live with. But there are others that can be addressed and or alleviated. Having the ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry is nice. I equally like to hear about the satisfiers, the perks, the bonuses real and intangible about our chosen profession. But you don't hear about them so much.
  9. You are right, but I would have loved to see the whole big thing you had written out.
  10. Didn't know him or know of him, but sad to see anyone from our industry to pass.
  11. I do some of my best flying at night, but I know plenty of pilots who tell me night air produces no lift.
  12. I like nights because so often the air is so perfectly smooth. I don't like nights because I always hear sounds that I don't hear during the day. I like it that night recency counts for day recency. I don't like nights in the middle of summer. You have to wait all night for it to be night. edit punc.
  13. You want the fuel on the very bottom of the tank to be close to the fuel drains. You don't want fuel to be taken from the same area. Plus in fuel systems that are more complex there is fuel in crossover plumbing that often is unusable. Another reason fuel can be unusable is if the pickups ever become partially uncovered, you can get air in the fuel lines. That's not too good either.
  14. Risk assessments are nothing more than eyewash. I know it has been for the companies I have worked for that have them. Rescue helicopters are a double edged sword. Most often the rescue helicopter is the rescuee's last chance to survive. Sometimes the risk the rescue helicopter takes to rescue is one risk too much and that will never be legislated away.
  15. Highway deaths average 30,000 per year. Last year less than 300 died in aviation accidents in the US. That would be 100 times more dangerous to drive a car. It all depends how you set up the statistics to deliver a set of results that best answers the question of relative safety.
  16. Typed in a B-747, a Lear (possibly an SIC type), and PIC on a Piaggio (the equivalent of another type rating). His certificate must have so many type ratings on it that it's the size of a king sized bed sheet. It makes me wonder why one person can have so many conflicts in the cockpit.
  17. The big watch, and the thick wallet. Not to mention the aviator sunglasses.
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