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  1. I am struggling to get 10 hours a month right now. And heading into the cold weather months things are not looking up. I have had years of 700 hours or more and prefer those. I don't know how much longer I can last at 120 hours a year.
  2. There's got to be more than one "pro" to not being a CFI. I just can't think of one right off the top of my head.
  3. I always thought the H500 was hands down better that the jet ranger in speed and maneuverability. Then I saw the christmas tree slinging videos.
  4. Aim for the golf courses. I have never seen a wire crossing any fairway, and aside from a helipad you can't get a better selection of landing areas. Remember to replace your divots !
  5. This reminds me of a yogi ism (Yogi Berra) "I don't always do it the way I always do it".
  6. With the soloy conversion they will be around long enough for your grandchildren to fly them.
  7. The Russians made their best effort to copy the Harrier with the NATO code named "Forger". Max observed flight time: 15 minutes. edit sp
  8. What burg says about A&Ps is very true. However the tradeoff is that once you have a flying job that requires an A&P by your employer, you get to fly all day and wrench all night only to find yourself flying early the next day then repeating the process.
  9. Pay for your training as you go. You don't want to be saddled with a ton of debt and be barely employable at starvation wages. Plan on having a job that allows you to pay for at least 2 to 3 lessons a week.
  10. I'm with Flying Pig. I use the minimum amount of power as possible. As for passengers, the way to keep them the calmest is to tell them in advance what you are doing. If you surprise them they get more scared than if they get a chance to digest in advance.
  11. Don't fall for the rich are evil and avoiding taxes meme. It's not at all true.
  12. If the "rich" pay 100 times the tax amount you do, how is that "avoiding taxes" ? In my opinion it's not. The only "rich" who "avoid paying taxes" are the ones who complain about it but do it anyway. Any "rich" person can send more than their required amount to the treasury, but you never see the complainers do that. I wonder why.
  13. I would love to see what you came up with as well.
  14. I would love to fly that thing. Ejection seat equipped aircraft do not intimidate me thankfully.
  15. The only ejection seat helicopters were either upwards firing with sequenced charges in the blade roots aka "blew blades", and downward firing ejection seats which are even more problematic for helicopters. I would be surprised to learn the aircraft in the picture was ejection seat equipped. It looks like there is a nose wheel well blocking a downward firing seat, and an upward firing seat would have to wait for 2 stacks of 3 blades to separate.
  16. I used to read his columns in Aviation Leak and Space Technology all the time. I looked forward to the next column. My favorite was solidity ratio. It is a big loss to rotary aviation. I am sad to hear of his passing. Good catch on seeing that news Gomer. I'm not sure I would have seen anything about it for quite some time if I didn't see your thread first.
  17. If iChris takes the time to research and publish an answer, it's a good question.
  18. I would love to hear more about any or all of these techniques.
  19. Your customers are pampered with those little extras !
  20. At one point early in my career I remember telling one of my instrument instructors how much material there was to study, and how long it took to study it. I asked him about studying harder and longer to get higher scores on writtens and orals and such. I asked him how he was able to remember it all and I recall he made 2 comments. He said he had probably forgotten more than he remembered, and introduced me to the concept of diminishing returns. In a way he was also saying that the more he progressed in his career the more he realized he didn't know. I find myself at a similar point in my career now as he was then. Except for the lessons I had to learn the hard way, a lot of the comparatively trivial knowledge just seems to slip away so much easier. The clarity of knowing how much you don't know is no comfort.
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