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  1. Keep plugging away Beemer. Before you know it you will overcome the obstacles in front of you.
  2. Are you breaking the first rule of fight club ?
  3. This reminds me of the strategy behind a method of nuke weapon delivery. The pilot (and crew if assigned) are issued an eyepatch. That way if a nuke goes off on ingress or egress and the nuke curtains aren't drawn, you still have one good eye left. I always worried about the second nuke going off, not thinking it would be a great idea to wear 2 patches.
  4. I am glad you mentioned that video. It developed a reputation of being the most authoritative video for people not to watch for fear of never wanting to fly a rotor wing aircraft again.
  5. Having the tip path tilted forward while having the fuselage nearly level also cuts down on drag.
  6. I'm not afraid to admit I'm wrong. When it comes to FARs and their correct application it isn't my first time either. And it probably won't be my last.
  7. There's no place like home -Dorothy Gale- (As told by L. Frank Baum)
  8. There are a lot of forces on a rotor blade that is in flight. I think it gets all of them except compression, although bending can be described as a combination of compression on one side and tension on the other.
  9. Yes, but then your aircraft must comply with parts of 135. That's the part I think that is in question in the thread, unless I have totally missed the whole point of the thread.
  10. I too am being trans moggy fried. It's a takeoff on transmogrified. That could be easily interpreted as being driven crazy. In Moggy's case he gets your consciousness spinning like the harsh english put on a cue ball, or even the spinning and flapping of a rotor disc in motion.
  11. The wires aren't everywhere, just where you want to go. It's not your emergency...to start with. No need to cause one either.
  12. I had a feeling that would go over like a lead balloon. It seems to me that if you are talking about carrying passengers for hire (legally) you aren't talking about part 91 anymore. That is the part applying to passengers for hire (legally).
  13. I Follow Roads, (Railroads, Rivers and Rotorwash as long as I know the guy in front of me making it isn't lost too)
  14. And...they're off ! Dead horse is in the lead being whipped mercilessly by it's jockey, and all the rest of the field.
  15. No one has noticed the great job he isn't doing ?
  16. It's very easy to land gear up (fixed wing), but hard to taxi. An almost identical but somewhat inverse situation applies to rotary... 3 in the breeze, clear of the trees, last hop, full stop. This reminds me of an incident that has been referred to as "Allison's Angels". If someone reminds me I will be happy to relay that story. As a final thought, if you land inverted with your gear extended, did you land gear up ?
  17. Anyone hold to the displacement theory of lift ? I do.
  18. Lead balloon trial, take 1...
  19. I hate it that knowledgeable well meaning pilots can interpret the FARs in more than one way. I don't care what anyone says, they are not straightforward in many cases, and they are intelligible only to lawyers and lawyer like thinkers.
  20. I try to be a figure 8 head, but more in the form of a lazy 8. That is the most efficient and effective way to scan and keep your head and eyes moving. But to the untrained observer I might appear to be a bobblehead. I will have to ask my crew what they think.
  21. Maybe flying fish would be a better handle. Then he would have other fish to fry.
  22. A good rule of thumb with a government estimate is to double it. That turns out to be pretty accurate. 14 years to put it on you say ?
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