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  1. What the graphic iChris posted is saying is that rate of descent varies with airspeed. Duh!

    If I am reading iChris's chart correctly at 70 knots the 16k pound helo has the same descent rate as the 20k pound helo.

    Below that airspeed the heavier helo has a higher ROD. This appeals to me.

    Above 70 knots the heavier helo has a slower ROD. I don't like that part of the chart. Not one bit.

  2. Tim Bradley used to own a helicopter service company called Helicopter Solutions. One of his students was a former NASCAR owner turned announcer. Once his student got his PPL he bought a LongRanger and kept it at his shop. That's the kind of marketing we should be doing, introducing those who would benefit most from the advantages of rotary wing flight to the industry. We also need to be good at minimizing the pitfalls that go along with being an owner operator.

  3. For once I'm not exactly sure what iChris is illustrating.

    Manhattan explained how Ray Prouty sees it, to wit: increases in gross weight slow your (autorotative) descent.

    As Manhattan states, this is very counterintuitive. Fixed wing increases in gross weight decrease (engine out) glide performance.

    Intuition tells me the same should apply to rotary wing.

  4. In many places repo men are required by law to notify the law enforcement agency where the repo will take place and they have to notify the agency as soon as it's completed. The repo business isn't as wild and unchecked as these shows make it look. In the case of somethig like a car repo, in CA if the car is on private property you can attempt to make the repo, but as soon as the owner comes out and tell you to leave you are required to stop and leave the property. That's why you see a lot of times they will hook up a car quickly and drag it Into the street. Once it's off of private property the "owner" no longer has any legal standing over the property. In most of these dramatic repos everyone is in on it. The owners are offered money by they show to play the part and then it's lights camera action.

    So professional wrestling is fake and scripted too ?

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  5. With a long enough run (like on a runway) a downwind takeoff is no different than an upwind takeoff.

    When your groundspeed on a downwind takeoff is equal to the tailwind component, you are in essence hovering in no wind. from then on aerodynamically the downwind takeoff is no different aerodynamically than a no wind takeoff. The only difference is the takeoff ground run distance.

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  6. civil issues are a mess....... I once had a case where a machine shop partner sold all of their equipment one night to the tune of about $300,000. Other partner came in the next morning and the shop was empty. "Sorry sir.... no crime, anything else I can do for you?"

    At least it wasn't a good old domestic violence call. If I was the partner who got financially screwed it probably would have been.

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