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  1. Avbug's discussion, which I appreciated, leads me to mention a pet peeve I have while operating on a clearance under radar contact. ATC will often use heading changes to deconflict traffic and ensure proper separation. Out of nowhere they will issue a directive "123AB turn left 30 degrees", or something very similar. They may or may not include "for your descent", or "for your climb". But what they almost NEVER include is an EFC. To not ask for how long on that heading, or ask for an EFC, then going lost comm can easily lead to pigs in space, courtesy of Jim Hansen and his muppets.
  2. My wife is from Murray Ky. We currently reside in NWArk, but I'm originally an upstate New Yorker.
  3. At the end of the video a graphic informs the viewer 2 go pros, 1 of which is HD.
  4. A near perfect auto in my book. Glad you made lemonade out of lemons.
  5. I see your point. Skydiving, especially the portion under canopy has similarities to speed riding. One potential catastrophic similarity is a term called "gift wrapping". This is where your canopy gets below you and you find yourself inextricably wrapped in it. Almost always fatal in skydiving. The same situation can occur in CRW or if 2 canopies come into close contact one canopy wrapping the other skydiver, or free faller into another canopy. Again, almost always fatal.
  6. A clearance must contain the following elements, clearance limit, route, altitude, and efc if required. A feeder fix meets all these requirements, and is a portion of an approach, therefore it qualifies as a fix from where the approach begins. Another definition of initiation of approach is, leaving the highest altitude of any of the published approaches for that destination. At least that's the way I understand it. Excellent question by the way, and so was your last topic, although it never really got resolved satisfactorily, it did generate quite a bit of interesting discussion, and entertaining conflict.
  7. If you are struggling to earn a living as a CFI, you might want to look at a second job, and instruct nights, and weekends, until you have your time built.
  8. I just got a new helmet, sph5 with cep, and nvg attachment, dual visor. I'm very happy with it, I don't notice any peripheral reduction at all. I haven't worn it in the summer yet, but for now I am wearing a thin skull cap. For the summer I will use the football helmet type helmet liner to hopefully keep it from getting sweat soaked. When I wore just the headset, I felt very vulnerable. Wearing it for preflight will eventually save you from a hard noggin bump down the road.
  9. I always thought (crash) landing in thick brush would be a decent cushion. Not so much, I guess.
  10. The whole point of hangar flying is to relate and absorb experiences so you can learn ( and re learn) with your feet firmly on the ground. An enjoyable aspect of hangar flying is the regaling. The hangar flyers who have the most valuable information and experiences are naturally the most experienced, but not always. This forum is similar to hangar flying, in that wisdom can be exchanged from experienced to inexperienced. This forum and ones like it can be so valuable if one will be open minded to the forerunners that often have blazed a path for others to follow, and if one will heed the cautionary tales of paths not so desirable to follow.
  11. I met a guy who worked for a casino in Vegas as a corporate pilot. He flew a citation. He also had a pitts, a floatplane amphibian, and a couple others in the same hangar he flew for the owner. I would love to have a similar setup, but at least one had to be a helicopter.
  12. I always thought about it like this. No spike, wet start. No second spike, hung start. Big first or second spike, hot start.
  13. Quote from Tracon "You received an "amended clearance" and never had intentions of using nor did you ever receive a clearance to a closed runway." Are you implying ATC won't issue an approach clearance exclusive of a landing clearance ? Of course it would be a non amended clearance, seeing as how theoretically, and in the real world the approach clearance is issued by itself with no other clearance attached before, or after.
  14. Quote from Avbug "A light twin executes a circle to land procedure. What are the minimums? The controller has no way of knowing, because the minimums on a circling approach aren't established by a Vref of 1.3 Vso; they're established based on the speed at which the circling maneuver is performed, and that all depends on what speed the pilot elects to use. The category of the aircraft is a function of the speed, and the category, in turn, determines the approach minimums."
  15. Someone in this thread mentioned aircraft category. Although it might be semantics, I believe that person misused the term, or doesn't understand it. An aircraft shall have only one category. However when operating at a speed other than their category, they shall use minima of that category.
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