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  1. Don't need to be 160th to do 160th type stuff. Just have a CC who is 160th and runs his unit that way with deck quals, Seals, SF, and more
  2. It feels nice to be able to take a break! lol... but about to get back into it again before I head to my unit. I didn't have any bubbles after BOLC. Would have had three weeks off, but they asked for volunteers to jump into SERE right away and I went. From there Aeromed came quickly, less than two weeks off, immediately followed by Primary which transitioned straight into instruments, straight into BWS, then we had 10 days from selection to start of 60s. Have a neighbor who had 6 weeks off recently, we had 10 days. Selection, think we had 2 Apaches, 1 Chinook, 2 Kiowas, and about 9 Hawks.
  3. CW2 And you would be surprised. Was a young kid out of basic, failed his WOCS entrance PT. Made it in the next one, graduated from WOCS. Headed into BOLC, on Friday asked what if he was going to be sick on Monday - BOLC PT test. They were surprised and asked how he knew he was going to be sick then. Sure enoughhe went to sick call and didn't start. Did it again the next time. Finally they said you're taking the next PT. Young 20s, thin, failed it. And the next one. Now he's gone. Just didn't want to be here.
  4. And WOCS isn't hard, if you fail it's because you didn't try
  5. Graduated today and have six months till 2. Other than after WOCS I didn't have any bubble
  6. From what I remember your recruiter passes it up the chain, they pass it wherever, then it goes to proponent at Rucker. They look over everything (strength of your packet) and either recommend approving or disapproving it before sending it to HRC for final decision.
  7. Little over two years ago when it was start training before 33rd birthday Then the argument was - what did they consider training? BCT, WOCS, other? I was selected at 32
  8. I had one, was turned away by MEPS when I went in to sign my contract after being selected. Submitted it, denied - after being selected! Turned out a guy in Seattle disapproved it when he had no authority to and Proponent, at Rucker, helped straighten it all out. Now finally graduate next week
  9. 5&9 a must. NCW as well. After that I'd say systems because it felt like some IPs were more concerned with you knowing that then they were with your actual flying. If you've made it this far you'll be fine
  10. Is unfortunate, at Rucker I have seen numerous divorces, break ups, cheating by girlfriends, boyfriends while dating and engaged. If they're not 100%... good luck
  11. It just depends on how many are offered, what your class wants and where you are on the OML. Know if classes where guns went last, with my class they went first. Know of PT failures (very bottom of OML) who got 60s in one class, 64s in another class. If you're not the top of the class it comes down to luck.
  12. Three of us are going to Germany, one to Japan, the rest staying stateside. I requested Lewis, Carson, then Germany
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