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  1. Saw this in another aviation forum, figured I would copy it in the helicopter forum. I'm definitely interested to hear what you guys have to say. This is just a copy and paste from a fixed wing forum lol. Let's say you had a chance to meet your younger you when at that time you decided you wanted to have a career in aviation. What is one advice or warning you give your younger self who wants to start a career in aviation (not just the pro-pilot careers but any kind of aviation related career)? If you had been working in aviation for a long time, what piece of advice or warning would you give your younger self that your younger self didn't know about or expect when deciding on an aviation career?
  2. I'm staying in murfreesboro now, was in Florida for the summer. Northwest Florida kinda dies during the winter haha.
  3. Thanks guys, I honestly forgot about king schools, I will check into them. I wish Rod Machado was a helicopter guy...
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! Sorry I haven't replied back, haven't had any Internet the last couple days. I am typing this on my iPhone now so bare with me haha. @goldy: that is very close to one of my biggest fears. My big fear is this, spend 2 years saving all my money, spend one year working on my ratings(pvt-cfii), then....... Not have a job afterwards... I guess if worse came to worse I could try and get the extra money saved together to go through the boatpix thing, but I really would want to be employed by my school of choice. @yzchopper: great talking with you the other day steve! Always enjoy hearing from you, I will definitely look into some at operations as well. @ragman: I will keep that in mind as well. I honestly wouldn't mind flying at if it could lead to utility type work. I would maybe just need to keep a close eye on the condition of the aircraft. @badtransam97: hey Clint, it great to hear from you! That is for sure the school I am leaning towards. Got to visit a while back and really liked everyone there. So what have you been up to? @r22butters: I honestly don't think I would do his for $400/week haha. If you really search the companies in your area you will find you can double that or more per week. If you want some VERY good money and can relocate check into Guld Spur trucking, or Nabors or any other that hauls for the oil rigs. As far as finding a local job that will usually require some experience, but you can still check around, never know what you will find. I enjoy the coast to coast because I get regular home time, good consistent pay, and get to see a little bit of the country while I do it, but that's just me. Anyways, thanks for the advice and replies everyone! Keep them coming!
  5. Hello, I was just wondering... Does anyone know of any audio style ground school courses I could look into? I am driving over-the-road to save money, and would love to be able to put a CD in to listen to while I drive that may help me learn as much as I can. I can book study every now and then, but a lot of times I am very busy and of course my day consist of driving. I would prefer it be helicopter specific, but I am willing to look into anything. Thanks!
  6. @r22butters Yea I didnt have much trouble with backing either, kinda enjoyed the challenge. I would make sure you get the 90 degree down real good though, you will use that one everyday. As far as what you make. Thats really going to depend on what company you drive for. My big advice, if you can, stay away from the really big companies out there. Go with a smaller company based near your home. They will get you home more, and it will be a better experience. I've heard a lot of my friends from CDL school say they are only making 4-500 dollars per week, which is crap pay haha. I got lucky to get on with a company that really is just an owner operator company, and only has 30-40 company drivers. I also got lucky that I got a dedicated California run(coast to coast). I am able to get home most weekends for my 34 hours, then head back out. What companies are you looking at driving for? Where are you located if you dont mind me asking? I may be able to tell you a few companies to look at.. Are you wanting dry van, reefer, or flatbed? Good luck with CDL school! Talk to you soon..
  7. Hello all, I am formerly wannabe87, but couldn't figure out my log in info, so I made a new one. I am currently driving over-the-road in order to save up for flight school and wanted to see who else is saving for flight school... Maybe this could be help to anyone trying to figure out how to save for it. My goal is to not have any debt after flight school, I would like to be able to have the option to take whatever job is offered to me without the burden of wondering how to pay back a $1000/month loan. I guess the question would be... What is everyone out there doing in order to save up the money? Any tips, advice, suggestions? The big thing that I am doing is living very very very cheap haha. I limit myself to a set amount of money per week for food and drinks, and the rest is in savings. It takes some getting used to, but once you start to see your savings build up it becomes a game to try and bring the numbers up as much as you can each week. Secondly(I know this isn't an option for most, but since I drive OTR it was easy for me) I have gotten rid of every bill I had. I have no rent, no car payment, nothing at all(I do have a phone, but that is a must on the road, and it is cheap). I know I am by no means "living a life of luxury", but my hope is to one day fly for a living and still not have any debt. On another note, if anyone has any questions for me about driving OTR as a means to save money feel free to ask away. It isn't for everyone, but it really is a great way to save money up. Some companies will even sponsor you to get your training. Any questions just ask.
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