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  1. I’ll move it for you for a flat fee of $8,000.00.... The good part? You don’t have to send your chief pilot...you don’t have to pay for my hotels, food or plane ticket.
  2. that damn dead horse is back....... anyone have a working link to the letter from the chief counsel about this topic? the included link doesn't work.
  3. Because I wanted a career in helicopters, so that's what I focused on. Now that I can afford to go play after work, it's time to do that. I just can't understand why someone who is focused on being a commercial HELICOPTER pilot would want to waist time in airplanes....
  4. I'm near Houston, so the NY FSDO isn't my final say so... But maybe with their interpretation, I can present it here.
  5. Thinking I'm going to go knock out the private fixed wing addon. Reading the FAR's and doing some browsing of old posts, i came across one in 06' that discussed this and flingwing came up with a legal interpretation from a NY FSDO that brought the requirements down to 22 hrs in a plane. I can't open his link, and as some of us know, I can't msg him. Anyone know where I may find a copy, or does anyone have it?
  6. Looks fun.... shouldn't they be using brass catcher's instead of that just ejecting loose? seems like that would really ruin your day if brass got in the pedals, cyclic, collective.
  7. clay

    GOM hiring

    Coming from the king of nap time? Ha! When am I moving over to your group?
  8. clay

    GOM hiring

    From what I've been told, the gulf needs pilots. I know we are short pilots. I can rarely get vacation requests approved because of the lack of pilots who are available. Just talked to a buddy a few minutes ago and he. Was telling me that his company is short big time. He works for one of the other bigguns. I think the issue in the gulf right now is people not having the experience that some customers are requiring.
  9. Possibly. It could affect my koala annual ride
  10. Jeesh. Nearly retired, you hit the nail dead nuts on the head. I didn't get that kind of insight prior to starting. Luckily I did push through it, and got a great paying job where I am home every night. I think everyone on this forum that is in flight school or debating starting needs to listen too Mr. Retired's advice and insight. It holds more truth than alot realize.
  11. Y'all don't start being friendly now!!! I was enjoying reading a stupid argument over a stupid topic
  12. Agusta 119 and 119ke have fixed gear. Agusta 109 had retracts and is a twin. The gear have to be manually lowered if both engines fail. The hydraulic pump is driven off the transmission
  13. Garmin just put out an update. I like it. Unfortunately still no GOM maps or database. If they will implement it, id probably switch to them and pay happily.
  14. Ive been out of town a few days and missed the thread.... You fly out of rockport? PHI or Westwind? Here's the good thing about fore flight, if you type in VE200, it has the offshore database already and will take you to Vermillion200. Main pass 41 = MP4, etc. etc. . I've emailed fore flight for a list of the abbreviations they used for the different fields, no luck. Recently I inquired with the developers of fore flight and also garmin for their new app. Both said they'd look at implementing the chart. Foreflight is still the best option because of the database. Again, it's tricky to figure o
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