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  1. You need not complete your WOFT 10 year obligation before submitting an OCS packet. It's done all the time. The IERW ADSO will still be enforce even after OCS as a RLO. Plus, you can only branch aviation in OCS being a former Warrant Officer pilot.
  2. BomberBasic The most difficult part of the IERW (IEFT) program is being selected. In the Army's mindset, by being selected you will be an aviator. The Army has no money to waste in the Army's most expensive training program. In the 1950s a third of the class would washout. Had to solo by a certain hour. Did I say SOLO? Besides, every Army aviator graduates as a COPILOT. Your gaining unit will determine your true worth as an aviator. You proved what it takes in being selected. Go have some fun in being paid to fly.
  3. LIH Don't count the Navy and Air Force out. They prefer STEM degrees but that has never been a requirement. A good GPA/LORs and good test scores will put you in the running. Let them tell you NO. Can't be accepted if you don't apply. All services have helos if that's your desire. You can apply to fly part time in the AF ANG/Res (OTS/SUPT). The plus side is deciding on the location and aircraft, therefore not leaving it to chance. There just may be a F-22A or C-17 in Hawaii in your future. Some AF Lt has to do it. Unable to fly in the Navy/Marines Reserves unless already a rated pilot. Good luck and happy hunting.
  4. That was one of my concerns if you were a French citizen. You must renounce your French citizenship. Time to get back on the right team, USA. Since you have your 4 year degree, have you thought of the other services for flight training? USN max age 32, commitment 8 yrs after winging. USAF max age 32, commitment 10 yrs after winging. US Army max age 32, commitment 10 yrs after winging as you well know. Since you are applying as a non prior US soldier, you aren't required in having a CWO LOR. It can't hurt if you wish to do so. Personally, I think it will be an added plus in being a former FFL regarding selection. But then again, I'm a guy that likes warm beer and a cold toilet seat in the morning.
  5. Needless worry. 4 quick questions. Are you an American citizen? Are you in good health in passing a flight physical? Are you younger than 32? Last question and the most important one, are you willing to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA against all enemies both foreign and domestic with your life when called upon to do so? Really no need in obtaining a helo ppl unless money is no object. More than a few are selected without flight experience as young as 18. Drop your packet and you shouldn't have a problem. Unless you have piss poor LORs from the FFL. If I was on the selection board, I would be very interested in hearing your experiences in the Legion. I wouldn't be surprised if there were US Army recruiters in Europe, especially Germany. Dependent US children in Europe can enlist in any service. Need not return to the states in doing so. By the way, how many years you must serve in the FFL before eligible for French citizenship? Is it 12 years?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, IERW is now renamed IEFT (Initial Entry Flight Training) as indicated on the USAREC Warrant Officer board. Fixed wing is an option.
  7. Is there a recent change regarding aircraft selection in IEFT? Hearing rumors to that affect.
  8. Sunyforreal Your obligation will be written in your contract obviously. You should ask your recruiter how quickly you can sign your contract. You just may be on the last selection board for the 6 year ADSO. Keep the fingers crossed.
  9. Must fit the age criteria as well. I heard 30 or 32 for active duty AF SUPT. USAF Res/ANG are more flexible regarding age. Your IEFT contract will spell out your obligation. Good luck. Sorry for the late response
  10. Normally Captains reach the Major board by the 10-11th year. They can be passed over and separated after their 2nd attempt. ADSO will not apply. If the Army doesn't want you, adios amigo/a.
  11. If you are a civilian and never served, you aren't required in having a Warrant Officer LOR but it is an added plus. Being a female, you have a good shot in being selected once meeting the requirements. I assume you know the commitment is between 11.5-12 years as of 1 Oct 20. That's a lot of deployments.
  12. Greyrider245 If you transfer to the USAF as a former Warrant Officer, you must attend Officer Training School {OTS) prior to flight school (SUPT). Same requirement in the other services. Your age may be an issue. USAF has no Warrant Officers since 1990.
  13. Why are you deciding on the Guard route vs active duty? I assume your Navy SNA contract was for active duty. Which Navy aircraft was your preference? By the way, what is the commitment for SNA and SNFO since the Army's is a 10 yr ADSO after winging as of 1 Oct 20?
  14. I changed the 1st sentence. Army aviators with the 6 year ADSO contract, may be eligible for the ACTIVE DUTY transfer if meeting the requirements. There should no problem with the Reserves or National Guard. They maintain Rigid Flexibility at all times.
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