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  1. You're right, the CG has the F-14s with the 5 bladed rotor system. Top speed 135kts and not the Civil Air Patrol. CAP just acquired the new F-15EX fighter bomber with Mach 2 speed and nuclear delivery. Just what our future junior flyers need to train on.
  2. Everyone knows the F-14 is in the Civil Air Patrol.😀
  3. StockTrader You are so damn old, I bet you didn't even have fixed wing for life in your IERW class.
  4. StockTrader Any C-12 in your class for active duty?
  5. It's interesting to see the C-12 is USUALLY the most preferred selection by the top students in being a non combat aircraft. Mission needs to be done but it definitely takes you out of harms way. In the other services, they fight tooth and nail in flight school in getting a fighter aircraft. Different mind set, obviously.
  6. The 4yr degree is still preferred but no longer a requirement. Delta airlines was the latest company dropping the 4yr degree. Subject to change at anytime, especially when the hiring boom subsides.
  7. Can you make a snap judgement call after seeing the video or wait until all the facts are in? Did they fly at the right altitude, or not high enough or not low enough? Is counseling required or perhaps loosing ones wings in setting an example? There have been cases in the recent past where a Navy and Air Force pilot lost their wings in football low flybys. View the Air Force B-52 and C-17 tragic flyby accidents on you tube, both pilots were experienced aviators and hand selected. Could their accidents been prevented?
  8. There are approximately 275 FW total within the 3 components, 7% of the fleet. C-37 (Golfstream V, USAPAT @ D.C.) C-20 (Golfstream IV) UC-35 (Cessna Citation V) C-12 (Beechcraft King Air, majority of FW @ 176) C-26 (Fairchild Metroliner) C-147 (2 @ Ft Bragg Golden Knights -DHC-8-315) UV-18 (3 @ Ft Bragg Golden Knights-DHC-6) EO-5A (DHC-7) RO-6A (9 eventually @ Ft Bliss DHC-8-315, replacing EO-5A) C-27J (7 @ Ft Bragg USASOC) T-6D (4 @ Redstone Arsenal. Only ejection seat aircraft) Cessna 182 (2 @ USMA, only Army's piston aircraft)
  9. There are more than a few former airman that made the transition. Some think it was a good move and others will say, why did I leave the AF. There are AF F-22A, C-5M. A-10C pilots and others that can't wait in leaving the AF. But I don't think they are breaking down the doors in flying for the Army. Every profession has a pecking order. I strongly believe active duty Army aviation should be your last option in being an Officer, pilot and a college grad. In not having a college degree, give Army aviation your best shot. It's the best seat in the Army. How badly do you want that bird's eye view from the cockpit? Drop your packet and see if you're selected. It should be a pay raise for you and your family. The Army always have alternates if you decide in not going forward. One last question, did you know about the Army WOFT program before going AF? Would that have made a difference? Then again, you're asking for an opinion from someone who enjoys warm beer and a cold toilet seat in the morning.
  10. Interesting inter service transfer story. Back in 1996, a West Pointer (1993) OH-58C pilot transferred to the Navy. His Naval flying career is in the F-18 community. What's so interesting, he is NOW the Commanding Officer of the USS Eisenhower CVN 69. Another Army aviator done good. He should be on the Admiral list shortly after his command. Even looks like a old crusty CW5 but he is not wearing hIs Army aviator badge in his official photo. He should know EVEN jet pilots need heroes. I wonder what strings he pulled. But then again, he is a West Pointer and they do have a secret handshake.
  11. It's just as hard in selecting an Army C-12 as being assigned to an F-22A/C-5M in AF pilot training. Not that many available.
  12. The most difficult part in the WOFT process is finding the right recruiter in being selected. The graduation rate hovers around 95%. The Army should permit you in wearing pilot wings thru training since damn near everyone graduates.
  13. What is the meaning of the unrestricted side of the house?
  14. Time to check it out on You Tube: Army Talent Management Task Force - Warrant Officer Professional Development (12/2/20) Start at the 11:25 mark. If and when implemented, it will be a loss of more than a few thousand dollars as you are promoted through the WO ranks later. The Army is trying it's best in keeping the morale high. I wonder if this applies to Lts as well?
  15. For those Warrant Officer aviators within the limits, active duty AF is still in play. Max age 32 and must have the 4yr degree in attending OTS. A few years ago, the #4 slot pilot (Maj) for the Thunderbirds was a former UH-60 Reserve CW2. With the new ADSO, more than likely not flying in the active duty Air Force as an option unless the Army releases you early. Possible in the AF Res/Guard. They are more flexible.
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