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  1. They usually do it at the beginning of the new fiscal year. My prayers go out to all you Warrant Officers aviators.
  2. GM1 Keep your fingers crossed. Can you win twice? You won the 6 year ADSO.
  3. For those who have an interest, view You Tube video clip titled Army Talent Management Task Force - Warrant Officer Professional Development Dec 2,2020. Start at 11:25 in the clip. Last about 2 minutes. No start date given as of TODAY. Potential loss of $7k in salary when implemented but you're still being paid to fly. You're helping in reducing the National debt.
  4. For those who have an interest, view this You Tube video clip, titled Army Talent Management Task Force- Warrant Officer Professional Development Dec 2, 2020. Start at the 11:25 mark for two minutes or so.
  5. GM1 No news regarding the adjustment of the date of rank for WOs. The raadjustment of the DOR includes the Tech Warrants as well .All the legal concerns have bern successfully answered by the Army. Up to the Army when to implement. Are you under the new 10 year ADSO? What month were you selected for WOFT?
  6. Thanks for the possible update for the Commissioned Officer date of rank adjustment. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.
  7. The new 10 year ADSO was passed in the best interest of the Army period. Tremendous cost savings over the years in retainability and cost savings in less bonuses offered. The Army will call this a Win Win proposition. Future Warrant Officer aviators may not see it that way. It will not have an overall affect in volunteers for the WOFT program. There are more than enough qualified career Enlisted soldiers waiting in the wings so to speak in wanting to leave their undesirable MOS career field. Not requiring a 4 year degree is the Army's solution in meeting their numbers. Every MOS is in pla
  8. Just read that yesterday. They will be getting a replacement for the T-45 in 5-6 years. Wonder if they select the AF T-7A? I doubt it but it could save money.
  9. The military will never go on record but the vision requirements cuts down on thousands of applications. Just like height and weight.
  10. Since you are only trained in thinking as a copilot, you need not be too competent in flight school. Now, I can see why the pass rate is so high. You have no responsible as a flight student. It's always in the instructors hands.
  11. That being the case with civilian instructors, you earn your fixed wing rating and military wings without any military flight instructors. How interesting.
  12. Upon selecting C-12, do you have ANY military instructor pilots throughout the IERW & IEFW course in the pilot seat with you? And from what I understand, it's official now, no solo time whatsoever in IERW/IEFW. Does that mean you always fly with an instructor? Or can you fly with a stick buddy?
  13. Pilot retention will always be an issue in all the services especially during an airline pilot hiring boom. Until recently, the airlines were even making it possible for rotary wing pilots with additional training.
  14. One quick question, did you know about the WOFT program before enlisting?
  15. Will it matter to you? If not enjoy flight school, it's not often you get paid to learn how to fly multi million dollar aircraft. If it does, decline the invite, the Army has alternates waiting in the wings so to speak in replacing you. The recent change takes Army flight school to the shortest to the longest of all the services. Naval flight training including Marines & Coast Guard, is 8 yrs upon winging. Air Force is 10 years on completion. As of now, no one has the definitive answer for those selected between 4 June 20 to 30 Sept 20. Is it based on your selection date, when you sig
  16. No if she/he has more than 3 years left on the original ADSO.
  17. Adjusting the date of rank hasn't been approved as of yet by the legal department. If it is, for those CW2 passed over for CW3, it won't benefit them in being released from active duty up to 2 years earlier from their 10yr ADSO. I bet they eventually adjust the date of rank for two reasons. 1) Closes the loop hole on those who want out of the Army up to 2 years earlier by being passed over on their account. 2) Saves money by forcing delayed promotions. CW2 approx $8k and CW3 approx 6k.
  18. SBuzzkill Let me understand this policy. Let's say I recently graduated from WOFT with a 10yr ADSO as a non prior service S2S. I selected the TSP option upon enlisting. I'm passed over for CW3 the 2nd time after serving approximately 9 years on active duty. I must be released from active duty 7 months later. Just got fired, canned. For you civilians who never served, you are not in any way guaranteed retirement when you enlist. Always exceptions to this policy by the way. My 10yr ADSO would take me to 11.5yrs approximately on active duty. Would I be entitled to a sever
  19. Don't worry too much. Enjoy getting paid to fly different twin turbine engine helicopters in flight school. Besides, everyone graduates as a Copilot. Does anyone know the cost per hour on flying the UH-72A? If you really suck at flying at your gaining unit, you just may be the frig bitch for either 6 or 10 years. 😄
  20. I meant full autos to touch down. That's where you must land just right in not damaging the aircraft. If they bring back solos, hopefully it will be more than just 1 flight. Weren't the students in TH-67A common core prohibited in selecting C-12s. With the aircraft going away, more students have a chance on the few C-12s allotted.
  21. If not, more flight students have a shot at selecting fixed wing C-12. Also, no more solos or autorotations.
  22. Yes, initially the Guard/Reserves is part time employment with the same obligation of 10 years after graduation from WOFT. The Guard works for the state and the federal gov't when dictated while the Reserves are a federal organization. The best part of the Guard/Reserves is that you select your location and aircraft type if approved by that unit.
  23. Submit a packet, you have nothing to loose. Your flight time will not have a bearing on aircraft selection unless going Guard or Reserve if wanting fixed wing. There are times in flight school, the C-12 is not even offered. Personally, I would select one of the helos. A lot more fun and challenging. Are you going active or Guard/Res? 11 to 12 years either way.
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