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  1. Time to check it out on You Tube: Army Talent Management Task Force - Warrant Officer Professional Development (12/2/20) Start at the 11:25 mark. If and when implemented, it will be a loss of more than a few thousand dollars as you are promoted through the WO ranks later. The Army is trying it's best in keeping the morale high. I wonder if this applies to Lts as well?
  2. For those Warrant Officer aviators within the limits, active duty AF is still in play. Max age 32 and must have the 4yr degree in attending OTS. A few years ago, the #4 slot pilot (Maj) for the Thunderbirds was a former UH-60 Reserve CW2. With the new ADSO, more than likely not flying in the active duty Air Force as an option unless the Army releases you early. Possible in the AF Res/Guard. They are more flexible.
  3. Hearing rumors that soloing in the UH-72A is now required. So, do you solo alone or with a stick buddy? Is it just one flight? Any solo flights outside the traffic pattern? I assume there is no solo flights in the Grob G 120TP fixed wing trainer.
  4. Thedude is 100% correct. You are learning a very valuable military lesson even before leaving for basic training. The military can always throw you a curve ball at anytime. It was just a misunderstanding on Your part of your obligation. Get ready. There was a USNA graduate a few weeks ago who thought he had a possible NFL contract. He was told he could try out but the Navy changed its mind, no appeal. No problem for the Air Force or Army academy graduate players this year but who knows next year. Don't be too much concerned about the 12yr obligation, that's 12 years in a pilot seat. 1 recommendation, don't resign in flight school on your own account. The Army can keep you for the 10yrs from your resignation date. Graduation rate is in the high nineties. Have your decided on which aircraft you want? Congrats on the selection, you earned it and enjoy the ride in serving ones country. Good Luck.
  5. As a civilian, you are not obligated if not selected. But if he quits or gets kicked out of IERW, he owes ten years from that date if the Army chooses.
  6. Max active duty time in service (TIS) is 8yrs without a waiver.
  7. How much flight time can you get in a Cessna 152 for $1k? 6 maybe 7 hrs. The Army is really going out of their way in protecting their aviation assets, their soldiers from commercial airline harm.
  8. 06Butters What is your reasoning in not going AF Res or AF ANG for fixed wing? Fixed wing time is most preferred in airline hiring.
  9. And you were worried. Congrats Dad and for your son. Obviously he came from good Stock. When is your son's B'day? I think he must turn 18 before attending WOCS. Don't want them too young. Still young enough in flying for the AF after his 10yr ADSO if he so chooses.
  10. I guess getting fixed wing in WOFT is like getting a F-22 out of flight school in the AF. Being an RLO, from time to time, they are given fixed wing transition in taking command of a unit. Be thankful you do not have the 10 yr ADSO in being somewhat disappointed in your Army aviation career. Keep your kidney, you only have 2.
  11. When you do solo, don't get lost in the traffic pattern😄
  12. Make sure you report the skids are down and welded on final. Do you solo outside the traffic pattern with your stick buddy?
  13. Hearing rumors you can now solo in the UH-72A. Is that a recent change in IERW?
  14. Do you have a 4yr degree? If so, try the AF Res or AF Air National Guard. They even have helos in their fleet as well as their own Street to Seat program. From AF Officer Training School (OTS) in Montgomery Al to AF pilot training (SUPT). No basic training required. The AF is conducting a new trial helo only program pipeline. Possibly no longer getting fixed wing training in the T-6A at SUPT for helo students. AF ANG has HH-60Gs in Westhampton Beach NY, Sunnyvale Cal, and Anchorage/Fairbanks Ak. AF Res has HH-60Gs in Tucson Az and Coco Beach Fl. Regarding the Navy and Marines, you must be a rated military pilot before flying in their Reserves. The USCG Reserves do not even have aviation assets. Of course if you don't mind flying fighters, there could possibly be a F-22A in Honolulu Hawaii with your name on it in the AF ANG. If not you, some other poor, horny, unlucky 2Lt has to fly the $200M 5th generation fighter.😄 Do you have those qualities in being a military aviator?
  15. You answered your own questions regarding Army aviation and its pit falls. In the pecking order of military aviation, Army aviation comes in last. At one time, the Army aviation commitment was 4yrs less, not any more. The Army has the longest commitment now. All services have a guaranteed Street to Seat program before enlisting but the Army only requires highly qualified HS/GEDs graduates vs a college degree. Even though Army aviation comes in last, you are STILL in the Pilot Seat. And that's what counts. Max age for AF/Navy pilot training is 32. You don't have much time. Not much time for the Army either at 33. Pick your poison and enjoy the ride in serving your country. You can always go back to teaching once retiring off active duty.
  16. Dad, here is my very old 2 cent recommendation for your son. I always think outside the box, it makes life more interesting. Your son has a burning desire in being a military pilot and the Army is the quickest way of all the services. Well, let the Army make it happen a different way. Army aviation is the low hanging fruit in being a military aviator, don't be tempted. In reaching higher, the reward is sweeter in the AF. Just ask many Army aviators if that is the case in having a 4yr degree before serving. As a young man, we don't think about the future in having a family and career options. As a former fixed wing pilot in any other service, this will create more wealth in the commercial airline industry. Wealth needed in putting your Grand kids in college. By the way, the AF has a 10:1 ratio of fixed wing to helos. The Army's ratio is 10:1 helos to fixed wing. Navy a 6:4 ratio fixed wing to helos. Marines 7:3 helos to fixed wing. Let's see how we can put him in the pilot seat of any other service quicker with the help of the Army than finishing his 10yr Army ADSO after WOFT. He firstly needs his college degree in meeting one of the AF requirements. That takes money of course. Time for a LITTLE sacrifice. Enlist in the Army under a 3yr MOS contract in receiving the full Post 9/11 G.I. Bill. Thousands of young adults enlist for this very reason. Your son's pay over those those 3+ years will be approximately $70k. He being single, he would be in a position in saving $30k while taking college classes before separating. With his savings and the G.I. bill, he will be filling 2 squares. College expenses will no longer be an issue and your Son became a college graduate on his OWN. That's what young ADULTS are suppose to do in NOT being a financial burden to ones Parents. After Army separation, he can choose either AF ROTC, AF OTS after graduating or the Navy/ Marines. If he has a future desire in being a airline pilot, he will have that option available. Recommend highly going AF Res or AF ANG. He will be available much sooner in flying for a Major airlines than finishing an active duty commitment. A difference of perhaps a $ million or more. Airline pilot salary is based on the date of hire, seniority only. That determines your aircraft, duty location, crew position and future earnings. By the way, helo only experience is not looked upon favorably in the major airline industry. It is, what it is. More than likely being a smart Dad, you explained this option to your son. Being young, you have so many choices in life.
  17. Depending how well he does in flight school and his desires, he can select flying fixed wing aircraft for life. Dad, which branch did you serve in the Army?
  18. MxCrewChief4Life623 As of today, seeing your son is younger than 21, he can finish his military pilot career in another military service (32yrs old) if he desires and chosen. That's 12 years down the road obviously. And he must have a 4 yr college degree in being selected. The AF had a former flight Warrant flying the slot position in the AF Thunderbirds a few years ago.
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