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  1. akscott60 The primary reason why the selection rate was extremmly high for O-5 was the expansion of troops needed for the surge in 07-08. Not enough field grade Officers. With the reduction in force in the near future, those numbers will decrease sharply. For AWOs, the promotion board sent out the MESSAGE that the peace time Army promotion rates are now in full EFFECT. Being ONLY a proficient pilot will not guarantee you promotion in your career or making retirement. All AWOs are briefed often in what's required in being promotable. Quite a few did not heed the warning from HRC. If you wish to be only a pilot in the Army, dust off your civilian clothes, resume and start packing, you won't make retirement. For all those who have their heart set on being an Army Aviator, you best thoroughly understand not only the selection process but what it takes in having a successful career as an Army Aviation Warrant Officer. For those civilian applicants, military flight pay is less than 10% of your total pay. You are an Officer first and always.
  2. The Army Chief Warrant Officer promotion list was compiled by the selection board that met April 23-May 4, 2012 Primary Zone Selection Rates for CWO were: Aviation CW5 -- 21.0 percent (181 considered, 38 selected) CW4 -- 60.6 percent (160 considered, 97 selected) CW3 -- 58.4 percent (291 considered, 170 selected) Technical Services CW5 -- 26.1 percent (157 considered, 41 selected) CW4 -- 80.6 percent (288 considered, 232 selected) CW3 -- 74.5 percent (642 considered, 478 selected) http://www.quad-a.org/images/p...011/Reese1011p14.pdf
  3. Visited a WOCS graduation on 29 Feb 12. Asked a few questions on their selection criteria for the WOFT program. 90% were college graduates for the street to seat applicants Over 50% had some flight time LORs and high PT score extremely important. (CW3-CW5 or Maj and above) Peace dividend is in full effect. Competition will only be more competitive for this FY year anyway.
  4. vsqkaker Very informative article from the Army Aviation school house on WOFT selection statistics for FY 2011. See how you would measure up. http://www.quad-a.org/images/pdf/Magazine/Dec2011/Reese_1211p12.pdf
  5. Very informative article from the Army Aviation school house. The Army is doing away with the AFAST after 30 some odd years by June of 2012. See why the change in the article below. http://www.quad-a.or...ese_1211p12.pdf
  6. Very informative article from the Army Aviation school house. See how you stack up with those selected in FY 2011 for WOFT. http://www.quad-a.org/images/pdf/Magazine/Dec2011/Reese_1211p12.pdf
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for my first posting. USAREC msg 12-052 dated 9 Dec 11 states that the CLRP is suspended for OCS/WOFT applicants. If you have any questions concerning the CLRP, have your recruiter pull up the msg for more details. No longer an option, the peace dividend is now in effect.
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