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  1. At least the Army has a heart and not make it effective for everyone graduating in FY21. So it's based on entry to IERW on or after 1 Oct 20. There must be a lot of flight students breathing quite easier today. 11+ years is a long time if not enjoying the suck.
  2. XIIGage Do you have any idea regarding the RLO commitment date?
  3. This has been in the works for sometime and may become policy in the very near future. Rumors have it starting as early as 1 Oct 20. For WOFT students, upon completion of flight school your new W1 date of rank will reflect the date of winging. That being the case, additional 1-1.5 years before pinning on CW2. This equates to a loss of approx $8K in income. No rumors for RLOs. It won't make a dent in recruiting. The Army is still paying you to fly, just less money. To put the icing on the cake, as of 1 Oct 20, the commitment for IERW is 10 years UPON completion of flight training, previously 6 years. Approved by the Secretary of the Army on 3 Jun 20. Total commitment of approx 11.5 - 12 years. This may have an affect on non prior service civilian recruiting but the Army has their ace in the hole. There are more than enough CAREER Enlisted soldiers waiting in the wings, so to speak, willing to crossover in becoming an Officer, aviator and for the increase in salary for their family. Max of 8yr TIS without a waiver.
  4. TimS When you sign a military contract before attending active duty training, you are not obligated to serve. You can literally change your mind on the day of shipment (google it). You are not being paid while waiting. Therefore you are not under any obligation in going. Of course, a recruiter may forget to tell you this minor point. Maybe he/she is absent minded.
  5. As of 3 Jun 20, the Secretary of the Army has approved the commitment for Army flight school to 10 years UPON graduation effective 1 Oct 20. I believe the Sec of the Army has more say so than your recruiter. Air Force and the Army are running neck and neck in commitment. Which one do you want to choose? If selected, you can choose your aircraft and location with the AF ANG or AF Res, very competitive.
  6. TimS As everyone says, you need to be in the top 98% of your class to graduate. Everyone that finishes Army flight school will be a copilot ONLY. That being the case, the Army can push through marginal students. Why aren't you looking at the other services for flight training? Especially now that the Army commitment is 10 years after winging. 11 plus years is along time if you're not enjoying the suck. Navy 32, or AF 33 (On their website)
  7. Once again, I state my point. The Army figures that most of the non prior service WOFT applicants will be in their early 20s, unmarried and not too concerned with the additional 4 year obligation. But more importantly, that select group can not comprehend the issues that will arise if and when they marry with the extended commitment. Army service takes a tremendous toll on the families unfortunately.
  8. Cantankerously Even if the increase in commitment lowers the civilian WOFT applicant numbers, the in house career Enlisted pool will fill the void. The Army may produce an average of 1200 Warrant Officers pilots annually including the Guard and Reserves. More career Enlisted apply than street2seat on a yearly basis. The Army likes to have a balance between the two but they can change that over night. That's the Army's ace in the hole. The Army has more career Enlisted soldiers willing to cross over for the opportunity in being an Officer, pilot and increase in pay for their families, with or without a degree. If the civilians don't want to join, not a problem. People tend to forget, a portion of the street2seat WOFT applicants are prior service. I bet less than 400 WOFT selected are non prior service on a annual basis. Not difficult for the Army in finding 400 additional career minded E-3 to E-7 for the WOFT program if need be. They just can't have over 8 years TIS without a waiver.
  9. Can you imagine the smile on more than a few faces of the last graduating class in Fy 2020 in September. 4 years closer to RTAG if they're hiring. But then again, it's 4 more years of employment or should I say deployments.
  10. I assume you're in flight school officially once completing BCT and WOCS. Perhaps it's just for RLOs but don't count on that.
  11. MrHoodHimself07 Fiscal Yr 2021 starts Oct 1, 2020. I assume if you're not finished with flight school by 30 Sep 20, your commitment is just as long as the Air Force if not a little bit longer.
  12. Alice's restaurant That's what the Army was counting on. Extra 4 years would NOT make a difference. Looks like 11-11.5 year total commitment. The Army should be able to meet their quota through CAREER Enlisted personnel ONLY if they must. Wonder if you can get out early if NOT making CW3 or must you hang around. Time will tell. Fly safe longer.
  13. Can't be 33 when the board meets. You have at least 1 shot at it before needing a waiver. Good luck.
  14. The best book I would recommend is: A History of Army Aviation: From Its Beginnings to the War on Terror by Dr Williams. For great enjoyable reading regarding the Army, Army Aviation, Special Forces and the like, the novel series of Brotherhood of War authored by W.E.B. Griffin should be on your list.. Start from the 1st book titled Lieutenants, you won't be able to put the series down. Hell, it should be required reading for every Army Officer even Warrant Officer Aviators . You may as well learn the inner workings of the military and the creation of Army aviation. Follow the career paths of such officers as Lowell, Felter, Jiggs, MacMillian, Bandon and others. (4 of those officers will eventually become Army aviators in their careers in the series) “First rate. Griffin, a former soldier, skillfully sets the stage, melding credible characters, a good eye for detail, and colorful gritty dialogue into a readable and entertaining story.”— THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD An American epic.”— TOM CLANCY “Griffin has captured the rhythms of army life and speech, its rewards and deprivations... Captivating.”— PUBLISHERS WEEKLY “Absorbing, salted-peanuts reading, filled with detailed and fascinating descriptions of weapons, tactics, training, army life, and battle. The Brotherhood members themselves are interesting characters, possessed of intelligence and humor.” — THE NEW YORK TIMES “Extremely well done... First rate.”— THE WASHINGTON POST “A major work... magnificent... powerful. If books about warriors and the women who love them were given medals for authenticity, insight and honesty, THE BROTHERHOOD OF WAR would be covered with them.” — WILLIAM BRADFORD HULE “Gripping”— KIRKUS REVIEWS “W.E.B. Griffin has been called the poet laureate of the American military, and it is certain that his books convey a sure portrait of that culture. His grasp of history and his ability to personalize that big picture through the actions of an ever-changing cast of characters not only informs—it is highly entertaining as well.” — LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS “A crackling good story. The Brotherhood of War gets into the hearts and minds of those who by choice or circumstances are called upon to fight our nation’s wars.” — WILLIAM R. CORSON, LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RETIRED) U.S.M.C., AUTHOR OF THE BETRAYAL AND THE ARMIES OF IGNORANCE “A master storyteller who makes sure each book stands on its own.”— NEWPORT NEWS PRESS “Reflects the flavor of what it’s like to be a professional soldier.”— FREDERICK DOWNS, AUTHOR OF THE KILLING ZONE “Captures the rhythm of Army life and speech, its rewards and deprivations. A well-written and absorbing account.”— PUBLISHERS WEEKLY If anyone has read the Brotherhood of War series, what was your opinion?
  15. You can drop an OCS packet usually after a couple of years as a flight Warrant. You must have your 4 year degree, meet the age requirement and obviously your commander's approval in being selected. The ONLY branch out of OCS will be Aviation as a former flight Warrant. The Army wants you to maintain your skill set as an aviator.
  16. For those who have taken the new test, what was your score? Any comments on the ACFT? Do you prefer the APFT?
  17. Well, if you don't SOLO in the G120TP, do you solo with a stick buddy in the TH-67 or TH-72?
  18. NAVY_ Veteran Were you selected for Active Duty or Guard/Reserves?
  19. Cerberus If you're a college graduate, the Navy as of April 29, 2019, raised the age limit for flight school to 32. I would give that a go before going in enlisted. After reviewing your bio, you need to finish your degree regardless. It more than likely caused your DQ. 30 years old with less than 30 credits to completion. What's with that? Finish it and be done with it. Others have in less time.
  20. I'm surprised, your Navy recruiter did not call you regarding the update.
  21. airwarriors.com. You can find the Navy message on the age change. . Go Main Forum page 2 Apr 30th.. Let me know when you find it. You may owe me a Olive Garden lunch, SAILOR..
  22. I say you have BETTER then a sliver of hope in being selected. Even a former Marine can be forgiven when their hand is slapped. By the way, if a non select, the Navy as of April 30th increased the age limit to 32 for pilot and NFO. No mention of the USMC increasing the age limit. Since the last USMC EA-6B squadron deactivated earlier this year, the MC may not have a need for NFOs in the future.. Curious question, why Army aviation over the other services regarding pilot training? Navy and AF are in play with your stats. In fact, if you go AF Guard or AF Reserves, you can select your aircraft and location.
  23. Nil5038 It's interesting you mentioned in bringing back the 1 piece flight suit. The AF is experimenting on the two piece flight suit for their non fighter aircrew members. Perhaps the USAF will rejoin the Army in the near future.
  24. Thanks. With this short fixed wing course I see why the AF, Navy, CG and MC does not recognize the Army fixed wing training for interservice transfers.
  25. For those who selected fixed wing, do you SOLO in the Grob G120TP at all? How many hours/flights in this aircraft before transitioning to the C-12?
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