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  1. Even though the max age for WOFT is 32, the Navy as of last month raised their age limit to 32 as well for Pilots and NFOs. More options perhaps for future aviators. USAF is still 30 for pilot training. Flight pay is all the same. Wings are Wings whether gold or silver.
  2. Why is that so important? General James McConville branched Aviation out of USMA (West Point). He will be the 1st Aviation Branched CSA. That being the case, he may have a direct impact on the future of Army aviation in selecting the new aerial vehicles.
  3. Is the TH-67 now in the history books as the trainer at Ft Rucker? Or are there a few still used at Cairns AAF?
  4. A few years ago the Army lifted the band on Aviation Warrants attending OCS. It only lasted a year. You can guarantee being branched aviation in OCS by being a former WO aviator. No lost of skill set.
  5. JerryN12 The sure way of branching aviation in OCS is being selected as a fully qualified Warrant Officer aviator. Go WOFT initially, then drop an OCS packet in the future if you desire. By that time, you'll know the difference in reaching your goal.
  6. JerryN12 Have you decided not putting your degree to work in the other military services regarding pilot training? Even though the USAF is in need of experience pilots, they never have a problem in attracting student pilots applicants.
  7. That's why you want to fly helos in the USCG once they start getting paid. Stationed along the coasts of America. Very few unattractive locations compared to the Army.
  8. AngryJoe They may have been female pilots and you would have been kicked out of Ranger school. Ok, if they were male pilots.
  9. What's interesting in the WOFT selection process is the following. Statistically, it's less difficult in being selected as a civilian vs serving on active duty. There are MORE competitive active duty applicants for WOFT than street to seat civilians applying. Since the Army has a requirement in selecting civilians (street to seat) applicants, their selection percentage is higher overall than serving soldiers. Street to seat applicants only COMPETE amongst themselves. While the soldiers compete with their contemporaries. There are TWO separate selection boards. It is, what it is. Army recruiters very rarely promote the WOFT Street to Seat program for whatever reason. Perhaps less work for them if you enlist vs applying for the WOFT program. They have a difficult time in meeting mission, meeting recruiting numbers.
  10. niner 5 Active duty Army OCS will NOT guarantee branching Aviation even though you passed the Sift and flight physical UNLESS you were a previous Warrant Officer aviator. All the other military services will guarantee a commission officer (Ens/2Lt) pilot slot as you well know.
  11. Have you thought of flying for another military service? Why Army aviation vs the others? And why not the WOFT program in which flight school is guaranteed?
  12. This will not help much but if you're under 32, based on your stats, it's almost a slam dunk if your Cmdr approves providing you can pass the flight physical. Persistence is the key in being selected and becoming an Army aviator. No flight experience required at all. Happy New Year future aviator.
  13. In the words of Tom Clancy, W.E.B. Griffin is a storyteller in the grand tradition, probably the best person around for describing the military community. The Brotherhood of War series is a story about the US Army, Army Aviation and the Special Forces. The story follows a group of characters from early in their career immediately prior to WW II, through the post war years, into Korea, and finally into Vietnam. More than a few Army retired officers have mentioned this series should be required reading for RLOs and even WOs in starting their careers. The insights into leadership, command at all levels, and especially atrocious commanders and staff officers are essential to officer development. It will be an enjoyable read, guaranteed. The paperbacks are very inexpensive, especially on eBay and would be a great Holiday present to ones self. Do read the series in order starting with the Lieutenants. Happy Holidays everyone and fly safe.
  14. How many months is the fixed wing transition course before winging? How many hrs in the G 120 and C-12 approximately?
  15. Well there Lindsey, will you go Army Guard or Reserves when your initial active duty commitment is completed? Its less than 5 years away.
  16. Unfortunately, the Army is the only service that does not have dedicated Officer recruiters for civilians. It is what it is. Persistence pays dividends in the WOFT process. No problem for a former Marine.
  17. Lindsey Time to drop your OCS packet in going to the dark side as an RLO. Then you can lock Byteflighter heels. Have you completed your Masters?
  18. Pentagon To Disband Useless Warrant Officer Corps https://www.duffelblog.com/2014/05/warrant-officers/ Love the last sentence.
  19. How about a little background on your AF career, (Commissioning source, AFSC and duty locations). Is it very competitive in obtaining an AF SUPT slot being a non rated officer since the AF is in a need for pilots right now? Personally, I would rather fly in ANY service than be a non aviator, good choice. But be careful on what you wish for. When it comes to the military, the Army is the real deal. You WILL earn your paycheck the Army way. Good Luck.
  20. Tanner37 Just remember, the WOCS graduation rate will be over 90%. This isn't Ranger school. In the Army eyes, by you being selected, they expect you to graduate. They are counting on you in becoming a Warrant Officer and an aviator. Remember, be in the top 90%, not that difficult really.
  21. If your desire is becoming an aviation branch Lieutenant in active duty OCS, these two requirements MUST be completed PRIOR to attending Basic Combat Training in your case. Assuming you never served in the military. 1) Flight physical approved 2) Successfully pass the SIFT You are unable in requesting the aviation branch in OCS without submitting the two positive results. Even when the positive results are submitted, you are NOT guaranteed aviation in OCS. The WOFT program will give you a shot in obtaining a pilot slot. If selected and winged, you can apply to OCS in the future and WILL BE branched aviation in OCS.
  22. Navy, USCG, & Marines ADSO for flight school is 8 years upon graduation. USAF is 10 years after receiving your wings. The Army can raise it to 10 years and they will still have people lined up outside the door for flight training. AF is thinking in going to 15 years. They are in need of fighter pilots especially. Anyone interested in flying a F-35, F-22, F-16, F-15, or A-10.
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