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  1. Lindsey Did you have the third pick of the day? Good thing about the 60s, they have them in the reserve forces as well.
  2. Worskies Concerning your options, this statistic will sound puzzling to you. The acceptance rate for WOFT is significantly higher for civilians than enlisted personnel serving on active duty for two reasons. 1) The Army has a policy of approximately 40/60 percent split concerning civilian to enlisted personnel serving on active duty. 2) More importantly, very few civilians apply vs active duty personnel. Recruiters main interest is enlistments. Officer and WOFT packets are more time consuming and have a lower success rate. For the most part, they try to steer you in the direction of enlisting first. But once on active duty and you thoroughly understand the disparity of Officer/Enlisted pay, responsibilities, and job satisfaction, soldiers out number civilian WOFT applicants by at least 3 to 4 to One. That's the main reason why it's more difficult in being selected once on active duty. It's the numbers game. If you wish to enlist first by all means do so and be the best soldier you can be. Once you're on active duty, your WOFT competition will be soldiers who have multiple combat deployments and great service records. But being in the pilot seat is your dream, go with the odds and apply first. You have nothing to loose. My 2 cents of advice this morning.
  3. Are prior AF Security Force members exempted from Army BCT with less than 3 years break in service? I need the USAREC msg No. stating that as policy if anyone knows. Army recruiters in my area do not have a clue. They think Marines must attend BCT as well with less than a 3 year break in service.
  4. The Major airlines are recruiting more from the Regionals. That's their hope anyway. If unsuccessful, Army fixed wing was their plan B obviously.
  5. The regionals are one step from the Majors. It's like trying out for the minor leagues enroute to the Big Show. Money matters when your kids are entering college and you have a nice mortgage to go along with it. Sometimes you must think of the end game. Military flying only last but so long as a career. Major airline flying is not high on the list for job satisfaction but the pay and time off sure is for the amount of work they perform.
  6. USCav19D Basically of the 21 new C-27Js in the bone yard, 14 were given to the Coast Guard and 7 to the Active Army Special Ops Command at Ft Bragg. This happened back in 2014. What's interesting, the AF is retiring all their twin engine 1970 vintage UH-1N helos for old Army UH-60A models. Of course the AF will spend millions in updating the helos to AF standards..
  7. Interesting new concept. I would think the Army will have an above average loss rate to the commercial industry after the aviator's initial 6 year fixed wing commitment. The regionals will pick them up in a heart beat. Not that many slots anyway. Dual qualified in multi engine UH-72/C-12 not bad. The only downside I see is for the senior AWOs in wanting the fixed wing experience prior to retirement for commercial gain.
  8. Stearmann4 gave you excellent points. One major question, do you wish to serve on active duty as your ultimate goal or Reserves? If your objective is active duty, you may have an issue of being released from the Reserves if you go that route initially. Other members on this site can comment. Recommend finishing your associates, and forget about the flight time, save the money. The Army could care less on your flight experience. The Army has been teaching zero time student pilots for over a 100 years now. They know what they're doing. The pass rate in Army fight school hovers around 90%. The most difficult part is the selection process. You are exceeding the minimum requirements and being female is an added plus. Enjoy the process if you can.
  9. Karver Yes, I had the opportunity in flying in both services in the pilot seat. I would guess at least 20% of military pilots wouldn't have served if not offered a pilot contract. Your case is not that unusual. Be truthful, confident and enjoy the ride.
  10. Karver One last question. If you were selected for a pilot slot, would you have turned it down? Many many years ago, I applied for an AF pilot slot but was offered a CSO position instead. I turned it down without question. Putting my reentry to military service on hold. For whatever reason, the following week I was offered a pilot slot. Raised my right hand again and served until retirement. Obviously that wasn't your case. For me, it was either a pilot slot or striving to become a highly taxed citizen supporting the defense of our country. More than one way to serve.
  11. There's your opening. You weren't offered a pilot slot. No pilot worth a damn will fault you on turning down CSO. Hope you have pilot officers on your interviewing board.
  12. Karver Two questions for you. 1) What USAF career field were you given once completing OTS? 2) Did you turn down an active duty slot or Reserves/Air Guard?
  13. When the space Shuttle had a mission, there was an Army Tech Warrant who flew as a mission specialist. Meaning, he did not occupy the pilot seat obviously. In fact, there were no Army aviators that flew as Shuttle pilots during it's history. There were Army aviators that flew as mission specialists but not as shuttle pilots. The lack of high performance fixed wing experience pretty much took them out of the running.
  14. Lindsey, how many days from your enlistment date to your first flight? We all know of your battles with the recruiters throughout the years.
  15. apacheguy Taking your point one step further. As an Army NCO attending OCS, it DOES NOT mean you'll be branched in your previous career field. Branch selection in OCS is basically based on the Order of Merit (OML). There was only one policy exception regarding OML. AWOs attending OCS are restricted in branching aviation only. Exception to the new policy milper msg 4-219 should be made for AWOs. This new policy expires 31 Dec 15.
  16. Joe Only if it benefits the Army. Remember you're always riding on a one way street. It's their way or the highway. I would love to know HRC's reasoning in restricting Warrant Officesr from OCS, especially AWOs. There can't be that many AWOs who wish to be RLOs. Are there any AWOs out there who are really pissed on this new restrictive policy regarding their career ambitions?
  17. Stand corrected. Creep0321 has the correct dates. Good Luck to everyone in going forward in flying above the Best.
  18. For WOFT, Nov 14, Mar 15, May 15, Jul 15. Four boards, not bad.
  19. As of 7 Aug 14, Milper Msg 14-219 states the following regarding all active duty Warrant Officers either Tech or Aviators until further notice. Warrants Officers are prohibited in applying for active duty OCS. With only 2 OCS boards for FY15, the peace time Army is in full effect. For those applying for the WOFT program or recent WO grads, this will have no effect. But as of now, the potential of transferring to the RLO ranks is no longer an option in your career. Prior to this passage, quite a few AWOs would opt for OCS knowing that retirement would be assured if becoming a 2Lt once passed the 7-8th year of active duty service for the most part. That's based on being promoted to Captain obviously. But then again, there have been a number of former AWOs that have risen in the ranks to Lt Col and above and had great fulfilling careers past 20 years. For the career AWOs, the handwriting has been on the walls for several years. PC, Track, PME, College Degree and outstanding OERs will keep you in the game. As if you didn't know that already. I would not be surprised if HRC lowers the age limit back to 29 and requires 3 years time in grade for promotion to CW2 for AWOs in the near future. These 2 points have been under consideration by HRC for sometime now. It's truly unfortunate senior AWOs are unable to use their skill set in becoming RLOs in furthering their careers in the Aviation Branch. But being the Army, everything is subject to change, again and again..
  20. In the end game, it's a win win for everyone including the defense department. You have enlisted from other services applying for the WOFT program and AWOs taking their talents to the other services in finishing their military flying careers. Regarding the CG, they are always strapped for cash especially for flight training. If the AF needs additional helo pilots for whatever reason, they know they can always tap the Army pool of aviators.
  21. Air Force has always had a policy of first assignment Instructor pilots (FAIPs) for over 50 years in both primary and advanced stages of flight school. Approximately 15-20% of each graduating class will have FAIPs assignments.
  22. Can anyone post the promotion stats for the aviators and tech Warrants if the list was released today.
  23. Velocity173 Active duty Officer Candidates select their branch at the end of the sixth week. It's based on the Order of Merit (class standing). Graded on leadership, academics and PT. And usually PT could be the tie breaker. Reserve and NG Officer Candidates know their branch prior to attending OCS.
  24. lawilm Hopefully you can take some bad news if it applies to you. As of Dec 2013, USAREC directed an overall college 3.5 GPA for anyone submitting a request in branching aviation in OCS by the third week. Of course, you would still need the flight physical and the SIFT completed prior to BCT. Contact Mr Galloway, the S-1 at OCS. If indeed there has been a change, let us know one way or the other. 706-545-5434. If you meet the new GPA requirement, have your recruiting office call Mr Galloway in confirming that the flight physical is required for even Officer Candidates requesting the Aviation branch. More than likely, your recruiting office will not have a clue and unfortunately care even less. If unable in branching aviation in OCS, another option would be applying for a WOFT slot as a Lt after a few years being commissioned if you still want the pilot seat. You will incur approximately a $20K pay cut from Cpt to CW2. In addition, you must meet the WOFT board before 33 without a waiver. Of course everything in the Army is subject to change. You could always decline your OCS slot and reapply for WOFT if that's at all possible. That would be a gutsy call. Next time in life, don't wait so long in serving your country.
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