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  1. Annerajb Correct. After the 1st 6 minutes, the aviator Cols discuss the specifics regarding airframes, missions and numbers.
  2. For your pleasure, view the YouTube video clip titled Restructuring Army Aviation. Somewhat long at 1:10:27 but interesting none the less. Many compromises were made in deciding not only the size of the Army's helicopter fleet but also divesting of the legacy aircraft specifically the OH-58/TH-67 for the UH-72A. In addition, the transfer of the AH-64D to active duty forces from the Guard and Reserves in these economic times. Being junior and future Army aviators, what's your opinion on the Army's decisions that Congress may approve? Of course, Aviation Warrant Officers are the flyers and the Commission Officers are the deciders.
  3. Looking for opinions from you old heads out there. When Ft Rucker has their full complement of Lakotas for training purposes, is there a real need in teaching autorotaions all the way to touch down since the Lakota is a dual engine aircraft. There would obviously be a cost savings if the autorotations terminated at a 5-10 ft hover. Fiscal responsibility is the name of the game in the upcoming peacetime Army.
  4. The Army's mix has averaged 60% prior service, 40% civilian for at least 40 years. That's the way they do business for whatever reason. There's obviously pros and cons on that particular policy. It's interesting that you'll have prior enlisted from a another service go WOFT and some aviation Warrant Officers will take their talents to another service in finishing out their flying career. It all balances out in the end game.
  5. Everything is based on timing. With the down turn, for those newly rated AWOs not flying for months on end will more than likely fall behind their tracked peers in promotion. This peace time Army will be interesting for Warrant Officer aviators.
  6. A few added points. For those commissioned rated aviators that revert to being an aviation warrant officer, there is a corresponding annual pay cut of approximately $20k initially. But your Butt will be getting more hours in the pilot seat. If an active duty career aviation Warrant Officer with little to no enlisted experience and wish not to be concerned with promotion in making retirement, there is 1 simple course of action. After 6 to 7 years of Warrant Officer service, submit an OCS packet if meeting the requirements. The Captain promotion is almost assured and you will not be up for Major before the 18th year of service. At the 18 year point, you are protected in making retirement as an Officer regardless if not selected whether commissioned or warrant. Of course your flying hours will be reduced tremendously for the most part.
  7. TriViper With regards to your questions, let's discuss your options for active duty first. For all Warrant Officers aviators, they must attend AF OTS before the age of 35 once meeting the requirement, basically a 4 year degree. You'll be assigned a rotary wing assignment directly, bypassing SUPT. A little AF history. The last AF Warrant Officer retired from active duty in the late 70s and in the AFRes in the early 90s. The AF can restore the Warrant Officer rank structure at any time but they wish NOT to do so. 1959 was the last year in which an AF Warrant Officer was appointed. The AF recognizes the rotary wing skill set of the Army aviator if there's a need for that talent. The AF only produces between 60-70 rotary wing aviators annually. Therefore, it's extremely competitive in SUPT. If the AF requires additional rotary wing aviators for whatever reason, they can always count on the Army in filling that need from their Warrant Officer ranks through AF OTS. Pretty much based on QOL issues. If an RLO (Commissioned Officer and not a Commissioned Warrant Officer), you must request an inter service transfer (IST). That's nearly impossible for active duty. Once an RLO, you are not allowed to attend another commissioning source. Since the AF does not recognize Army fixed wing training, Army Warrant Officer aviators must attend AF SUPT before the age of 30 if they desire on flying a fixed wing asset. In the AFRes and AF ANG, they are more flexible in their regulations. But for active duty, the Army Warrant Officer aviator has the best shot in making the transition to Big Blue in a pilot seat. RLOs not so much for active duty.
  8. Droz88 The AF trains totally separate from the Army since the early 2000s. That came about when the Army went to Flight School XXI. The AF has the use of the airdrome at Cairns airfield and the fort facilities, at a price of course. The AF transferred rotary wing pilot training to Ft Rucker in 1971. As of a few years ago, the AF flies the new modernized glass cockpit TH-1H. The AF is comprised of approximately 100 helicopters in their fleet vs the Army's thousands. The AF only produces between 60 and 70 helo pilots yearly vs 1200 fixed wing pilots. Selecting a helo slot in AF SUPT is extremely competitive. Upon completion of SUPT, their aircraft options based on merit and availability are the following: HH-60 (Combat Search & Rescue), UH-1N (VIP and Missile support), CV-22A (Special Ops) and first assignment IP in the TH-1H. If you want helos, you best select the Army and fly above the best.
  9. USAREC Msg 12-052 dated 9 Dec 2011 states the following. Loan Repayment Program suspended for all non prior service OCS/WOFT applicants. Peacetime Army in effect. Count your lucky stars that the Army doesn't charge you for flight school.
  10. It appears the aviator slots aren't that much lower than recent years posted by the aviation school house at Ft Rucker, especially FY2010. Just a 6.5% reduction regarding FY 2010.The average split was 43% WOFT & 57% In-service Enlisted for the years stated below. As someone mentioned, AF OTS has been suspended until further notice, more than likely to Oct 2014. FY 2008 Active Duty 511 Total Slots 223 WOFT 288 In-service Enlisted FY 2009 Active Duty 433 Total Slots 175 WOFT 258 In-service Enlisted FY 2010 Active Duty 338 Total Slots 135 WOFT 203 In-service Enlisted FY 2011 Active Duty 382 Total Slots 177 WOFT 205 In-service Enlisted Would anyone have information on flight school stats for FY 2012 & 2013? Unfortunately Lindsey is crawling around in the mud. Hopefully you guys and gals will fly more than 1 day a week. Peacetime can be that way sometimes.
  11. Firstly the Army has no funding for tactical fixed wing assets such as the A-10 even if allowed by Big Blue. More importantly, the non rated Army Generals controlling the purse strings could care less who provides the CAS mission as long it doesn't come out of their budget. If you want to fly tactical jets, apply to the other services other than the Coast Guard. No secret there. Many Army aviators have done so. Is it true, they have AWOs cleaning toilets? That's hard to believe.
  12. Justine All AF OTS selectees are given their career field (MOS) prior to signing their contract whether rated or non rated. Don't like what's offered, decline your contract and be on your way.
  13. MissLibertyBelle Did you enlist in the AF as a college graduate? That's a tremendous uphill battle when competing for an OTS slot, especially for a non rated position.
  14. MissLibertyBelle What is your branch in the Army, just curious?
  15. MissLibertyBelle For whatever reason, the AF can pick and choose the best in their eyes. Are they better than the Army, of course not. Their missions are totally different. The major difference I observed once crossing over into the blue is this. 90% of your Army combatants are enlisted whereas in the AF, 90% of the combatants are Officers, mainly aircrew. Two different management skill sets required in getting the job done.
  16. Lindsey I was waiting on you to connect the dots. No moss growing under your feet lady. You are still an AF loss but then again they don't have any OH-58Ds. Fly above the Best even if it isn't so high.
  17. Justine Not quite yet. Which of my facts are incorrect? Don't mind in being set straight. Since the beginning of the AF in 1947, all AF Chief of Staffs have been Pilots. If the AF desperately needs 800 new inexperienced fighter pilots, they could get them yesterday and that's from the Army aviator pool. You'll be surprised on the number of Army pilots that would love to make the transition. Especially in the A-10 which unfortunately the AF may no longer have in the near future due to budget cuts.
  18. Lindsey Ground pounders in the AF are the non pilots.They are commonly called shoe clerks. Pilots run the Big show in the AF. Army Grunts (non aviators) run the Army. Won't change in your life time.
  19. I3uller They'll get their takers for experience pilots. Go over to airforceots dot com and see how many quality applicants they kick to the curb. No non college grads need to apply.
  20. Justine Where did you hear the AF is granting waivers for flight applicants. That's very difficult to believe for active duty pilot slots. When the AF is short of rated positions, it could fall under any of 4 rated career fields. 1) Pilots 2) Combat System Officers 3) Air Battle Managers 4) Remote Piloted Vehicle Pilots. Only pilots will sit in the driver's seat. The AF never has to beg for Pilots. It's normally the first choice. Why wouldn't you want to fly for an organization that's Commanded by Pilots. Flight suits, per diem and all. Ground pounders take a backseat in the AF where they should be.
  21. JCWestberry You have several options. Unfortunately due to your age, you're too old for the other military services for an active duty pilot slot. The AF Guard and Reserves are more forgiving at times regarding age. Options: 1) reapply as mentioned. 2) Apply to OCS and submit an aviation package by the 3rd week in OCS. It's possible in being branched aviation. Not guaranteed but possible. Best site on Army OCS is armyocs dot com go figure.
  22. Lindsey No need in being somewhat nervous. It's a slam dunk as long as your packet was submitted in the timely fashion. Meaning you're simply over qualified for the position. What are your career goals as an Army aviator after selecting OH-58D? Leaving after your initial commitment, perhaps going the Commissioned route, or striving for Chief Warrant Officer of the Aviation Branch at Ft Rucker? We rarely know what the future will bring, but literally enjoy the ride, and thanks for serving Above the Best.
  23. Joe_P148 The Army is going in the opposite direction regarding CW5s aviators. CW5 aviation authorization slots in 2012 was 296. For 2015, the number is being reduced to 257. Since CW5s usually make that rank at the 20 year point as a Warrant Officer, they could stay for an additional 10 years before retirement. That being the case, CW4s best have a Plan B regarding future promotions in a peace time environment. The cream is definitely rising to the top in the Warrant Officer Corp.
  24. Ardo09203 You have so much to learn grasshopper. The military has an up or out system when it comes to Officer's promotion as the name implies. If not selected for promotion within a certain time frame, you will be told to leave unless given an exception or continuance. It's been this way for at least 50-60 years if not more.
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