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  1. You're right. My apologies. I'll check fire-safe from now on.
  2. You're right, the 0-60 time of the 600rr is the real discussion of this thread. Copy all.
  3. So I just read the the Navy has suspended IFS due to sequester. Anyone have any gouge?
  4. My tower and a few nearby ones are slated as well. We have hundreds of flight students who will now have to fly over to CGI for towered ops if we lose our tower. And that means less time spent at Lamberts at SIK.
  5. I wouldn't doubt Nat Geo (Fox) is all over youtube trying to take them down.
  6. Episode 1 on YT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=W2SuQRhxiME
  7. Not to mention increase morale. Let those who WANT the RPA gig have it, and leave the (expensively) trained pilots in their respective squadrons.
  8. It's all on AF Pararescue. It's all about PJ/Pedro. Not Dustoff.
  9. The AF ran an experiment (I'm not sure if it's still on going) that pulled non-pilots from their career fields, and training them to fly/drive/remote control drones. 9/10 the UAV Operator is a UPT grad. So basically, there is a fully qualified T-6/T-1/T-44 pilot at the controls of the UAV.
  10. UAV operators are pilots. (Which is a whole other argument for another conversation) They went through UPT and graduated with wings. They're just now stuck in their current RPA gig, whether they want to be there or not. They can't help wearing what they are issued. It's not the RPA drivers that are the problem, it's the policy makers.
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