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  1. I would much rather have a 2 year degree and have some bennies left over than a 4 year in something I have no plans to get in to...The 4 year would be if I went to Northeast as that's the only thing they offer right now...
  2. The thing is I wouldn't have enough GI Bill to pay for it..I reserched it pretty good and for 4 years of school it doesn't seem to pan out...
  3. I'd double check the in state tuition deal..When I spoke with them on the phone they said they no longer give the in state rate to out of state residents even under ch 33
  4. That's cool dune...Maybe I will give them a call and speak with one of the recruiters again...Some schools seem to think it's odd one would want to ask them questions before signing up...
  5. I'd really like to have a good shot at instructing afterwards though...I am not the leanest guy out there,but I would have to drop even muscle to get to 185..I am still thinkin about them though...The other school that's closer is paired with a school that wants to give people 4 year "Aviation Administration" dgree if they use the Post 9/11 bill..It's a useless degree,and they just want to get the extrea funds from people...Guidance is paired with the two year degree so that's way better...How many diferent airports do you go to and actually do approaches and pattern stuff?..Seems like it soun
  6. Hey CaptainDune thanks for the heads up...I have talked to GH more than once,and they have never mentioned the weight restriction...I guess I will have to take that into consideration when dealig with the honesty of the recruiter...Especially since he stated my current weight of 200-205 wouldn't be an issue,as "they have several instructors at that weight"....Seems like you're more believeble than the recruiter,since you had nothing to gain by mentioning the weight restriction..
  7. Very sad indeed...I couldn't imagine the fright she was facing with landing the plane,and the heartache of knowing her husband was unconcious,possibly dying,and knowing she was responsible now for trying to land the plane without getting them killed...I am sad for her loss..Atleast she got to be around him for his last moments,doing something they loved...
  8. I think they're still on the table in my opinion..As far as cfi hiring and students they told me they average about 5 from every 20 person class...What do you do in the classroom at the college?..
  9. Seems like there are plenty of schools that use r 22's no matter the DA...SuperStallion,that sounds reasonable..Seems like there are alot of places who like to take advantage of the G.I. Bill any way they can..I am still eyeing guidance but not sure bout moving all the way out there from Ohio...I know the weather changes some out there, but I am wondering of the high altittude training trumps training through all 4 seasons in the northeast or midwest...
  10. Is there a reason for no 22 time?..I wonder if all 44 time brings them more money?..
  11. Good job on the solo...I am looking into going to guidance...Are you going to the college they paired with for your degree as well???
  12. Avbug I was down at Camp Bucca From Jan-April of '09 Wally thanks again for more insight, I honestly appreciate it... Zippie, I am gonna pm you...Is the research from the NTSB free?..Thanks for the good luck.. Rick I am still slugging things out with the G.I. Bill...Gonna take an eye exam hopfully before the end of the month just to make sure they are good...Can't think of anything else that would keep me from failing a medical..While they are not (too) bad, I just want to make sure they are 100% 20/20 becuase it has been about 1.5 years since last eye exam..I would like to find out if I
  13. Pohi, I can get out in June if I want...The downside is once you're out for 2 years, you have to go back through basic training again,so they say..That wasn't fun the first time and I don't think it would be any better the second time lol...If I stay in and am forced to go active or starve, the process may be easier than trying to get back in...Wally, thanks for that..It was my pleasure..I checked out that map..I guess all the black dots are rigs/platforms?...I just thought how my first day on the job I would probably land at like 12 of them before finally finding the right one!...Does the com
  14. gary-mike I thought about that....I don't know..Those are some pretty high speed operations there...I don't think I am cut out for that kind of flying...
  15. I guess I am on the fence about the future of the industry...The GOM may be a non existing job in 10 years..I don't know..I have the opportunity to go from reserve to active duty..But I would like to keep the military part time,versus getting out at 50 and starting life over..
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