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  1. Here's a bit more on that: http://killerapps.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/10/07/meet_the_army_s_tricked_out_super_fast_stealth_copters_of_2030
  2. Life proof or defender ftw. Combine that with the new "whatever proof" Samsung for added durability. The screen is the weak point, wish someone would make a indestructible case out of diamonds or something.
  3. From what I hear you will spend plenty of time sitting in an office getting really good at excel and flying maybe 1-2x per week as a warrant these days. Someone said flying is maybe 10% of the job, the rest is consumed by additional duties and other non-flying tasks as you are an officer first and aviator second. May not be as exciting as the picture in your mind. I'm a civilian so take this with a grain of salt, just don't want you to be dissapointed.
  4. Congrats all! You definitely earned it. Must feel soooooo good haha
  5. Best of luck OP. I know the frustration of dealing with MEPS, they can DQ you with the stroke of a pen. I'd go for the no-waiver route if at all possible due to the current recruiting climate. SBuzzkill is right, and you have an awesome job it sounds like. As an aside, my friend just got out after first enlistment as an 18C. Other friend was Ranger qual'd Infantry officer w/ three tours. They both said the grass is always greener on the other side, and now is not a good time. I'm an ignorant civvie who got pdq'd so take this with a grain of salt.
  6. I want to say that clip is from a navy seal training video but I could be wrong.
  7. The prodigal son returns once more... My brother met a recruiter in NY, who had become his in-law recently. He said he could get me in (Enlisted as E-4), and that my PDQ story seemed put of place. I'm faxing over my documents shortly, just to see if it's possible. Also, I read as of April TA has been reinstated. This could be a great chance for myself and others to pursue higher education and perhaps strengthen a WOFT packet. Respectfully, Unitedwestand
  8. Well mine was denied, but I was a NPS civilian. 24/male 97 ASVAB 270APFT BS business 2.7 GPA Decent Lor's Father was an Army Officer (USMA) 144 AFAST All MEPS had to go by was my test scores, physical results, that I was enlisting in the Army, and I think that's it. As far as I know they see you on paper only and don't do the whole person concept like a WOFT selection board would. Hope this helps, I'm sure the process is different going 153a from the USMC. You can view my thread to see my violations. Also, a girl going through MEPS for WOFT got denied and she had an aviation degree and ppl w less offenses than I. These are my only experiences w/ waivers so far. I heard with the current climate moral waivers are seldom granted. Hopefully someone else will chime in who knows more than an ignorant NPS civilian like myself.
  9. "Hey, you never know" If only it were that easy. Besides, I'm pretty sure Lindsey already smacked her around
  10. Congrats Sir, I'm excited for you! Now, If you get cold feet and need someone to take your slot.....LOL Best of luck.
  11. Workin hard brotha just moved to a new city trying to get my bearings. You? I think we all know what hamsters really drive...
  12. Kbr, and Itt are two big ones. Met a guy from kbr who was making 170k over there flying in the back of blackhawks. He must've been someone important because he was telling me he can get rides in the back seats of F15s. Two of his friends did it, he said they haven't been right since! Too many G's (6-7) for someone not used to it I guess. Thought it was interesting. Also said their 60 guys make $300k+, but maybe he was lying.
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