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  1. http://nightflightconcepts.com/brands/lease/
  2. Whats everyones retirement plans look like as a career pilot? What sector do you work in and what does your employer offer?.....This seems to be a topic that none really seems to talk about when they look at a career as a pilot.
  3. How does an aerial bucket on a line compare with a ground rig in terms of accuracy for applying dry fertilizer? The application would be on flat fields without any large variations, trying to determine if aerial application would have any real benefit over ground application. Thanks guys!
  4. What was the transition like for them going from single pilot operations to the military way of doing things?
  5. Let me rephrase civilian, as in 1000+ hours already established in a turbine position. Doesn't seem like its all that common on an occurance. How many hours did you have when you made the leap?
  6. I've seen a few topics about military to civilian transition but I'm curious about leaving the civilian pilot world to enter military aviation. Has anyone here made the jump?
  7. Hey in all seriousness I may have a new job due to a nam guy retiring haha
  8. So what are all the flight instructors doing to get students in the door? What type of marketing and sales are you using to find new students and retain old students?
  9. I'm curious as to how someone lands a pilot position within a federal agency such as the DEA, ATF, or FBI. Seems like one of those jobs that there isn't much info on. Anyone on here have any ideas? I'm guessing its the same as local law enforcement in terms of time on the street and all that?
  10. I don't see a reason not to wear one if you have one, just an added safety measure. I know a pilot that went down and would without a doubt be dead if he wasn't wearing his helmet, his helmet cracked in the crash......I can only imagine what that impact would have done to a bare skull
  11. So flying pig at 2000 hours you needed instrument. Many cfi jobs and tour jobs don't require instrument, on limited funds it would make sense to get cfi and find a cfi job then worry about instrument down the road when funds are less of an issue. Just my take on what I would do......if the op can't afford CFI training and the RHC course I'd imagine instrument is way out of the picture for now.
  12. Instrument is not required to work commercially.
  13. I thought that but didn't want to take the time to write it lol
  14. Does anyone know where to find a copy of the OH-58 POH, preferably in pdf format?
  15. Program Requirements Students must complete 40 upper division credits. Aviation Program Requirements Required courses - 29 creditsAVIA 1103 - Introduction to Aviation (4.0 cr)AVIA 1104 - Introduction to Aviation Flight Lab (1.0 cr)AVIA 1396 - Conventional Aircraft Operations (1.0 cr)AVIA 2220 - Basic Attitude Instrument Flying (2.0 cr)AVIA 2221 - Basic Attitude Instrument Flying Lab (1.0 cr)AVIA 2222 - IFR Regulations and Procedures (2.0 cr)AVIA 2223 - IFR Regulations and Procedures Flight Lab (1.0 cr)AVIA 3320 - Airplane Aerodynamics (2.0 cr)AVIA 3321 - Airplane Aerodynamics Flight lab (1.0 c
  16. well a gatorade bottle covers one bodily function....
  17. Need full fuel for those 3 minute tours ya know
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