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  1. Having just reached 1000 hours and finally landed a job that pays a "liveable wage" where I'll be flying my ass off in a sweet, airconditioned, turbine, I've decided that (from now on) only "skids up to skids down" is loggable!
  2. Anyone have experience with this company. They're job ad on JSfirm starts pretty good, but then seems to turn boatpixy at the end? Is this just the new flight school sales pitch?
  3. Just how many pilots were getting on each year with no turbine experience in NYC?
  4. On second thought, you're all over our forum, so f*ckit I ain't goin' nowhere! I mean hell 10 pages in 24 hours! This insanity is the most entertaining sh*t around. It even beats that old JH forum where EMS and GOM pilots go to whine about their day.
  5. I've never heard anyone mention NYC as a place for 1000 hour pilots with no turbine to go for an entry level turbine gig, so I would think it would hurt 2nd tier turbine pilots more than 1sr tier?
  6. I can understand why the GOM is cutting back, but why is NYC cutting tours?
  7. Only for the purpose of flight, which a maintenance run-up is not. So is this just the go-to meeting place for you guys? Is it a, "Talk to you tomorrow on that, Do most Army... thread" thing?
  8. Just got one more for the 700 hour Robbie crowd. Of course there is a catch, you can't weigh more than 170 lbs! So we're up to 10 now for low timers who are tired of teaching, and its only the first week in March. The shortage is really on a roll now!
  9. There's no doubt that this thread will reach 100 pages. The disappointing fact though is that at least half of them are just you guys chatting with each other about inter-office "watercooler" type stuff. That's like padding your flight log with maintenance run-ups!
  10. We have to be the sole occupant of the aircraft. Gives us something to look forward to, i.e. kicking the instructors fat ass out so we can see what a 22 can really do!
  11. Do you guys actually fly alone, or do you just pretend the dude sitting next to you isn't there?
  12. Ok, I've got oer 300 hours of cross country time by the 25nm definition. Other than getting an ATP what jobs are there out there who care how much cross country time I have, and just how much do they want?
  13. Up to 8 now, well 9 if you're a 700 hour Ranger!
  14. Well I tried. By the way I don't think its possible to delete an account here? I have tried myself (on advice of my therapist that I rid myself of this internet forum addiction).
  15. Ok how about taking a picture of the serial number on the back of a toilet, then tell us where it is and someone here can confirm it? Or perhaps a picture of something (innocent) outside the base, but from a vantage point you could only get from inside? ...come on guys work with me here, he needs to be real!
  16. I can understand not wanting to post a real picture of yourself, after all this is the internet, even guys who claim to be highly experienced career pilots with thousands of hours don't want anyone to know who they really are. So here's what you do. Next time you're on base take a picture of something, something a civilian would not be able to see, then post it. That should prove you actually are in the military, once an for all silencing all these naysayers.
  17. He may just be using different names? Why I myself have 7 other profiles, no wait make that 8, I forgot about...
  18. Why so many of you resort to ridiculousness when arguing your point is beyond me? I'm simply using observable logic that when I engage the rotors and they start spinning that I see that the aircraft is indeed moving under its own power for the purpose of flight. I know I'm not alone, since every CFI who has filled out my logbook after a flight (including 2 DPEs) has used the hobbs time (which in an R22 is engine on to engine off) to log my flight time. If so many of us are wrong, then perhaps the FAA should simply change the definition of flight time to read; Flight Time begins when, under its own power, an aircraft's wheels/skids/floats leaves a surface for the purpose of flight and ends when its wheels/skids/floats return to a surface. Why would 2 different DPEs in 2 different States fill out my logbook incorrectly?
  19. Correct no part of the aircraft is moving under its own power while using an "auxiliary power unit".
  20. Because its part of the airport. lol ...besides it only starts to rotate at night or in IMC.
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