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  1. We had a UT for the same reason, doing P73-518-NFL orientations. He flew a ton. Ended up getting IPC.
  2. Humphreys? Im so sorry you had to come here. How long is your stay? I have two months left on my nine month TDY. Oh and then the unit will be deactivated, no more 58 for me.
  3. How does that work? If I wanted to join the guard after the 6 year ADSO. I guess I would have to talk to an NG recruiter.
  4. Show some respect. She is an active duty commissioned officer. Did I mention she is a commissioned officer, on active duty? Active duty.
  5. You guys don't need to prep for anything, just do PT. Enjoy your free time while you have it.
  6. Anyone know a 58 pilot flying the super bowl? Oh wait...
  7. There is no PT while you are in an active flight class. During the bubbles is when you will go to PT. IIRC, 270 with a 90 in each event means 3 days a week, not sure what meant 2 days, and 300s only came on Fridays for sports PT. I had to go every day and probably only went for maybe six weeks the entire time I was at Rucker.
  8. Yes. You will most likely be put to work on funeral detail or some other task.
  9. I'm just a W1, but I'd say go guard if you can keep your same job. That way you just have one weekend a month of equal opportunity, sexual harassment, and resiliency classes instead of all week.
  10. When I left Rucker in May there was a 2-3 month wait for the 60 course, not sure about now.
  11. Oh ok. I'm from Rockford, didn't know there was a unit in Madison.
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