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  1. Anyone really interested in the outcome of the Silver State Helicopter fiasco probably already knows about the settlement of the bankruptcy trustee's adversary filing against Airola, Pickett, et al but just to wrap up this thread here it is: http://www.bankruptcypower.blogspot.com/ The bad news (aside from that the legal actions against Airola were civil and not criminal) is that Airola will walk away with yet more ill gotten gains from the sale of the Provo UT property...property that was originally purchased entirely with the students' borrowed funds. That is a travesty. If there is a
  2. It's not likely "all helicopter schools" will qualify...probably only 141 schools. How much assistance will be provided? From SB3447: (g) Programs of Education Pursued at Institutions Other Than Institutions of Higher Learning- (1) IN GENERAL- Educational assistance is payable under this chapter for pursuit of an approved program of education at an institution other than an institution of higher learning. (2) AMOUNT OF ASSISTANCE- The amounts of educational assistance payable under this chapter to each individual entitled to educational assistance under this chapter who is pursuing an
  3. Obviously no one in "the industry"...which is why it must now contend with more regulation and additional costs. One guy...literally...was allowed to screw it up for everyone else. The cost of the SSH era just continues to grow.
  4. Here's the law: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/asm/ab_0001-0050/ab_48_bill_20091011_chaptered.pdf I don't see a requirement for an audit or the maintenance of a current assets to current liabilities ratio. Anyone know where the VM article got those?
  5. Brannan, though, is taking things seriously: he has reached out to flight schools in a letter to rally a co-ordinated opposition to the inclusion of flight schools in AB 48. A public hearing is scheduled in Sacramento on June 7th to get inputs from the flight training community. Brannan is suggesting that as many as possible attend. Further, he hopes that by working with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), Helicopter Association International (HAI), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the media, the obvious flaws in this legislation will be brought to the attentio
  6. The judgment in the above adversary case against Airola (his training for SSH) was entered yesterday...five years and ten months after the case was filed: Based on the February 24, 2010 Settlement Agreement between Plaintiffs Equity Trader- 1, LLC and the Official Unsecured Creditors’ Committee (collectively “Equity Trader”) and Defendant Jerry M. Airola (“Airola”) (the “Settlement Agreement”). It is ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that Equity Trader, be, and the same hereby is, granted judgment against Defendant Jerry M. Airola, as follows: 1. In the amount of $120,000.00; 2. Post-judgme
  7. Since you asked. The "slimy side of education" is only that if the student ignores the obvious because he doesn't want to hear it. Everyone knows...at least everyone who really wants to know...that for-profit "universities'" credits will usually not transfer to accedited educational institutions. That's because the for-profits' accelerated...i.e., one month...courses do not meet most universities minimum standards. Those for-profit degree mills are for people who want to put BS or MBA on their resurme, not for a real education...and most employers (although generally not the government em
  8. There's really nothing to answer that you don't already know. If you can get federally guaranteed loans by attending an accredited educational institution all well and good but they will not pay for the entire training so you will have to use your savings and maybe continue working. As for "alternative educational loans", if you mean private...not federally guaranteed...loans you're looking at high rates, probably needing a co-signor and also likely not enough to fully fund the training. That's pretty much the options...unless you go into the service.
  9. That GI Bill is a good deal...in fact, the only way to get occupational flight training that makes any sense...if it really works out that way. And it looks like it might according to the VA website: http://www.gibill.va.gov/GI_Bill_Info/CH33...on_and_fees.htm School tuition, flight training costs and a monthly housing allowance...is that right? Now that's the way to support vets.
  10. "...I think someone told me..."???? Why not go to their website and read the information? Residency Policy Determination of residency for purposes of tuition will be made according to the following definitions. Applicants to the nursing program must satisfy in-district residency requirements as outlined in the nursing program application packet. In district An individual who owns property, or who has maintained a permanent and continuous residence, in the district for one full year prior to the beginning of the first term of enrollment will be classified as an in-district resident
  11. Here's a piece from the Wall Street Journal about the changes to the student loan program: New Help for Some College Borrowers Buried in the health-care and education bill that Congress passed Thursday is modest help for parents borrowing to pay college costs. But the legislation doesn't address current and former students who are wrestling with education debt. Under financial-aid provisions in the bill, all students and parents beginning next fall will borrow directly from the federal government, ending a program in which the government subsidized private lenders to provide federal loan
  12. I hear ya ("I feel your pain"?) regarding "individuality"...but really, this legislation is not that bad. Here's a pretty good summary of what passed the Senate plus the changes the House made...the combination will be the final bill: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/03...nciliation.html The Repubs and moderate Dems fought a good fight to shoot down the most onerous parts of the original House bill...the "public option" and the "panel of government experts" who would decide the price of individual medical treatments. This bill is not a "government run health care" system...here's
  13. Ah, so this is really not about the "death of th student loan market" and its impact on the flight training industry, huh? The same sort of claims about impending insurrection were made when old age income legislation (Social Security) was passed in the 30s and again when senior medical benefits (Medicare) was enacted in the 60s. Can you imagine not having those programs today? Thirty years from now the medical program just passed will seem just as normal as its two predecessors do now. As for how we are going to pay for a trillion dollars (over ten years) of new government spending...wh
  14. What is it you think needs "recovering"? Federal student loans are not going away...the feds are just going to offer them directly without the involvement of banks. Here's a blurb from the New York Times describing the student loan portion of the health care bill: The student loan bill would allow the government to lend directly to students, bypassing payments to private lenders. It would also redirect billions of dollars to expand the Pell grant program for low-income students and to pay for other education initiatives. If anything there will more student loan money becoming available..
  15. Discontinuing the federal FFEL program won't have any additional impact on RW flight training. First because the FFEL program is only available for federally guaranteed student loans...Stafford and PLUS loans. Only flight training at accredited institutions would qualify for those loans and there is very little of that going on. Secondly, the FFEL program...in which private lenders make loans with a federal guarantee...is being discontinued so that the feds can take over the loan process and make direct loans. History has shown that when the feds take over a program the number of eligible
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